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      Wynne Echols

      Not even thinking about the plates at 300 yards yesterday because of all the mud splatter, but I cannot seem to equate my plate zero or point of impact on the plate to the target. I was very pleased with how little vertical I had in the groups at 400 and 500 yards. My slow shooting seemed to have allowed the breezes to spread the group out somewhat side ways, but both the 400 and 500 yard groups printed right along the bottom of the 10 ring which with the horizontal shape the bullets got in the 9 ring. Am I seeing haints, not paying attention, or would some of you dead center shooters please help me find a cure for my problem. Thanks, WWE

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      Mr. Wynne I would love to be offering help, but if you looked at my targets I have the same problem, getting centered on the record targets. Lol I guess after I hit the plates I’m thinking I will be ok on the record target, but I need to take more time to get centered on the plate. That’s just not easy for me to do. I keep questioning,when I fire the first shot for record, do I try and adjust or just shoot for best group. It seems to me I shoot too slow and the better shooters get them down range a lot faster before conditions change.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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