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      Wynne Echols

      Happy to see Allen Shively register for the forums. I met Allen at the World Open and we are glad to hear from him. Gardner refers to Allen and a friend as the “West Virginia Boys” I am posting a link to a video taken by another good shooter at the World Open back in July. At about the 2 minute mark a fellow dressed in black shorts and top walks out to the line. Pretty sure that guy is Gardner and appears that Allen walks back with him.

      I saw the picture below on another site and thought it might get some of you to thinking, which could be dangerous. WWE

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      Allen Shively

      Hello, And thanks for the introduction Wynne. I like my online pic!!! Go mountaineeeers!!!!. And yes Dave does refer to us as the west virginia boys!. The last couple of years been hangin around Dave and his group? at the open. This year Wynne was their with Dave and right away after being introduced we all became friends and had lots ! of laughs! all weekend long. On Friday we were all shooting in and was really interested in Wynnes drop port dasher. After shooting it I knew I had to have one. My profession is teaching wood, and metal shop, at a high school. so, I’m pretty well equipped to do some of my own work. Have already started on a 700 action, and have a barrell ordered for the 6 dasher. Will be using a master 1000 stock, and they track really nice. Look forward to being a member of the forum. And all you southern boys make sure and ask wynne to give you a history lesson on how the term ‘Red neck” got started up here in good old West Virginia!!! Keep em in the middle Allen

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      Al Barr

      Allen, be sure to post pictures of that rifle.

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      Welcome Allen to Reese Bottom site. Hope your Dasher build goes well and be sure to keep us updated on it!

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