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      Wynne Echols

      We made it. It was a very long, hot day at Reese Bottom but we managed to accomplish what many of us had never done before, shoot a target at 1000 yards. Thanks to the Boykin brothers who were so kind and thoughtful to bring a generator and big fan that probably saved some of our lives. I have asked for the last couple of weeks to come and bring your patience with you. Thanks for doing so. I apologize to those who shot early and had to stay late and also to those that came early and shot late. In the end we got her done. Twenty eight good shooter, I think, is our largest ever. Ever, because it will not happen again. Just too many for a four target setup. Congrats to the winners and esp. to Danny Gray with the small group of the day and Surrell Franklin with the small group agg of the day. Surrell and Albert Pitchford each had a score of 191 out of 200 for the high scores of the day. See Home, Photo, and Results pages.

      Be sure to check back in a few days because I am planning to come with Wynne’s Rant. We managed to get from start to end but I am not exactly pleased with how we did it. There will be some changes coming in the future as to the way things are done at Reese Bottom. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      I forgot to mention a special Thank You to Scott Parten for agreeing to meet me at 5:30 am to set up the targets and for also being so willing to help with the data entry for all the shooters. Brett Collins showed up early enough that he also had to help with the targets. Steve Gilly fed us all deer sausage for breakfast and John Sanders supplied chicken breast patties that made a delicious sandwich for lunch. John also did all of the cooking. And then the FAN. Thanks you Mike and Phillip Boykin and Brad Armstead for that. WWE

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      scott parten

      When you have a purpose, you pay attention (At least it helps me anyway). The best advice heard in a long time is from my mill manager, “It’s OK to be good, getting better is what matters”.
      I am guilty at sometime or another of each issue we had Saturday
      a) Cross-fire
      b) Mis-fire from either poor reloading practice or poor rifle maintenance
      c) Missed target (didn’t trust my data or wrote it down wrong)
      d) Breaking someone’s concentration (not intentional but still broken)
      All my responsibility, no one else did these to me. All issues easily correctable with a little patience and concentration. It’s really easy to focus on our personal goals and and at the same time hard to understand how our actions affect the goals of those around us. The problem comes when these issues repeat. That’s just being selfish.
      I really appreciate a place less than an hour drive that consistently has such a diverse group of people that I can learn from.

      “Don’t let me see you do something that makes sense, I have no shame getting better watching others and learning from those that I consider better than me…….”


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