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      Wynne Echols

      I am sure by now that everyone has noticed how much concern that I have to make sure that no one hits the electronics with a bullet. I truly dread the day that I have to say “that is a $500 piece that your bullet just hit”. Adam reminded me that the chances of being off by 3 moa windage and 3 moa elevation at the same time are great. Can happen, but not likely.

      Well this actually happened to me this past Saturday. The carbon cleaner that I use comes with it’s own oil and the instructions say to be sure and coat the barrel with oil after cleaning to prevent whatever. I supposedly followed the instructions and came to the match will a well oiled barrel. My first fouler shot did not register within the sensors and was so far out that the Shotmarker sensor monitor did not pick it up. Yikes. Trusting the ballistic program, I fired the second fouler just as the first and thank goodness it was right there. What concerns me is: where did the first bullet go. That got me to thinking that we need to make it a policy to waste a bullet at one of the backers[100, 300, or 500 yard] before we actually begin aiming at the electronics. I think this practice would also give the good shooter more opportunity to make sure that they are within the sensors with the ‘three bullet rule’. We fudged this rule on Saturday past but hopefully going forward a guilty good shooter will abide by the ‘expectations’.

      Please bring a waste bullet with you. WWE

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      Ron Lewis

      I have worked with hundreds of rifles that upon shooting the first shot after cleaning have hit as much as 10 inches off at 100 yds on the first shot. If we were shooting at 1000 yds that would be little more than 100 inches, enough to cross fire on another target even. I think it’s a great idea to waste that first shot.

      One of the best shooting 6mmx284Wins that I ever shot back in the 90’s required a warm up shot before the match. There was a many of tournments that I shot a round in the ditch before pulling into the range for a match.

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      Steve Gilley

      Good idea. Maybe even fire it at a swinger to verify scope setting. I always shoot mine 3-5 times on Friday evening before.

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