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      Wynne Echols

      Those visiting the website are encouraged to check out the schedule for 2018 posted on the ‘Events Page’. Things will remain basically the same other than we will schedule a .22 match for June and also dedicate the September Mid Range Prone Match as a team match. The .22 match in June will follow the regular bench rest match and I would love to have a minimum of between 5 & 10 rifles so please plan now to attend. We will all put up $5.00 per rifle and split the pot among the winners.

      I have designated the September Mid Range Prone Match as a team match. If any of you have thoughts about this, I need to hear them quickly. Here are my initial thoughts. 5 man teams will have to be determined in advance. Hopefully I can get commitments for at least 4 teams[20 shooters] Could take 5 teams with 6 teams maximum[never had that many shooters] As we get closer to the date a cutoff date will be established so start now putting a possible team together. Each team will consist of 2 Open Rifles @ 3 FTR Rifles with Bench Shooters counted as Open Competitors. Many of you have both type rifles so we should be able to work this out. I would like for this to be a fun but competitive match with coaching and communication. As an order of fire with our 5 target stations, maybe one team could shoot two with three coaches while another team could shoot 3 with two coaches and swap where team one then shoots three with two coaches and the other team shoots two with three coaches. Just an experiment that I hope that all of you good shooters will help me pull off. We will put up the usual $15 per shooter and the ‘A Team’ that post the high total score will “Winner take All + Bragging Rights”

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      Larry Linneman

      Count me in for a 5 man team this sounds like fun

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        Wynne Echols

        Larry, thanks for your interest in making this happen. We will be talking more about this the closer we get to September. WWE

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