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      Wynne Echols

      Just wanted to let everyone know that our good friend and fellow shooter, Richard Slaton, is experiencing health issues at this time. I spoke with Richard this morning and he is in very good spirits. He is presently at UAB and said that he will likely be there for at least a couple of more weeks and then probably go into re hab. Please remember Richard in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through this difficult time. WWE

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      Steve Gilley

      Sorry to hear this. Thanks for letting us know Wynne. So much stuff going around. Will pray for his speedy and full recovery.

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      brett collins

      get well soon mr richard we are pulling for you

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      Hate to hear Richard is having some minor set backs, but he’ll be back soon shooting all X’s.

      Sorry MR Richard, but I will pray for you and your family for a fast and full recovery.

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      Kenneth Thomas

      Mr. Richard I hear you been sick, hope you get well soon, the sleeper team got to be ready, don’t worry about the fog on your glasses. All fogged up and shot X’s. No body else knows that,lol.

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      Wynne Echols

      I would like to post a short update on our good friend and fellow shooter Richard Slaton. I talked with Richard on Monday of this week and he is in very good spirits. He has recently been moved to a rehab facility in Northport, Al. For those not aware, Richard experienced a problem that has caused him to loose use of an arm and a leg. He is battling this in rehab and hopes to recover use of both. Please remember him in your prayers. That same day I got a call from Richard Allen and he was telling that he has had knee surgery since we saw him last. He said the knee is doing well. While I am reporting, the shoulder is doing fine. WWE

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