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      Wynne Echols

      Being as September is Mid Range Prone Match month at Reese Bottom, I thought I would share these little tidbits with you good shooters. Copied and Pasted from another website. I will never agree to tell all that I know, just some. Enjoy, WWE

      Tricks of the trade
      As you get more experience you will learn little tricks of the trade for reading wind but here we will
      share them with you.
      1. If the match has limited sighters talk with your neighbors find out what they are shooting and
      using for windage. This way it will give you an idea of what to go on with.
      2. Don’t be in a hurry to shoot your sighters, if you know what your neighbor is going on with let
      him shoot first see what he comes up with and then make a change before you shoot your
      sighter. This will help in sighters but also during a string if you notice a big change. Turn the
      ears on you may here him/her say what their wind dope will be see if that works before you do
      it. However a special warning, only do this with experienced shooters. A novice shooter won’t
      help you at all.
      3. Have your spotting scope set so you can see the targets upwind. At 1000yd you can see about
      10 targets through your scope. If you keep an eye on this you can sometime see a change
      coming before it hits your targets.
      4. Pay attention to your neighbors shot cadence if you hear him/her holding up look at the flags.
      There may be something different happening down there.
      Before we finish we should address the situations of head wind and tail wind. A head wind will cause
      the bullet to rise and a tail wind will cause the bullet to go lower. It takes a fair amount of wind to do
      this and if you experience it it will generally take you out of the X ring into the 10 ring or tight 9 ring at
      most. However the wide elevation 9’s, 8’s, and 7’s shooters will see in head and tail wind conditions are
      not due to wind. It is general because of poor shooter follow through which we have addressed in a
      previous section

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      Al Barr

      Wynne I sure appreciate you sharing your experience. The sharing causes me to think, which is painful at my age.

      I was always told that 12 and 6 o’clock winds were zero value winds. Just using logic (dangerous I know), I would think that a head wind would slow the the bullet down and cause it to hit lower.

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