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      I was reading a forum on another web site and they were talking about a timed delay between shots, is that something we need to think about or has it already been done. I was trying to find out a little about the Shot Maker system and ran across the topic. Looks like its a pretty hot discussion. Just trying to stir the pot for this web site.

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      Wynne Echols

      Kenneth, you bring up an interesting point. From what I can gather from the hot discussion is that the pit pullers/shooters know that it takes time to lower and score a target and get it back up. They also think that prone shooting should be a slow fire situation. With that being said the Shotmarker system has the ability to delay the score by seven seconds and our intentions are to implement that feature to keep a shooter from catching a condition and machine gunning a string down range. The way that I understand the feature is that the shooter fires a shot on target, the software alerts the shooter and scorer that the hit has registered and will be scored in seven seconds. We plan to ask the shooter to wait until the score is posted before shooting the next shot. Anyone caught in violation will take three lashes with a hickory limb before their next shot can be fired.

      Phase two has been completed. All three targets were used yesterday with no apparent problems. Pretty amazing to see it all work. I am very excited and think with a little imagination, the sky could be the limit with this system. For those lucky enough to hit the lottery tomorrow night and secure a spot in the April match, get fired up because it should be a fun time. I do not think we will need any stools or spotting scopes, but I would ask five of the lucky winners to bring their shooting mat. And did I mention that you good shooters will need a 600 yard zero. Plans are for the virtual ‘X’ to be 2 moa below the point of aim ‘X’ on the official targets that we have always shot. As Mr. Thomas has done, please go to the Shotmarker webpage and familiarize yourself with the system. There is a copy of the 2019 operators manual on the site. Anyone with questions please post here so that we can all seek answers together. I can promise that in the end, it is not that difficult. Good luck tomorrow night. WWE

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      Looks like I’ll be a sleep to get up early for work, but I’ll get the wife to watch and get me signed up for the match.

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      brett collins

      i think that a delay will keep it in the spirit of f class. and not give one person an advantage over the other.

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      Don Lewis

      Most of us are game,either way.

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      Richard Slaton

      I got a built in delay after my gun recoils it takes me about 30 sec. to fine my target again
      And hope it is my/ the right target 😂

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