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      Wynne Echols

      I was so glad to see Reese Bottom have a personality. There appeared to be enough condition that it was not just a trigger pulling contest, although some of the Open guys made it appear that way. I was wondering if anyone had a personal best match score. I certainly did not and I am finding those points at the top to be very hard to come by. Just a couple of things that I noticed: I loaded 6 rounds Thursday night and shot them Friday morning if for no other reason to blow the oil out of the barrel. The elevation that I shot Saturday was exactly 1 moa higher than the same load on Friday. Hard to imagine a 6″ difference from one day to the next. I loaded the 6 Thursday exactly like the 71 that I shot Saturday. The 71 were loaded back in November. Anyway the 71 lost a little ‘ump’ after so long? Anyone had any experience with bullets that have been loaded a while? They seemed to shoot okay. WWE

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