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      Wynne Echols

      Thanks to all that attended the August match at Reese Bottom. Again, I apologize to the good shooters whose day got interrupted by the target that did not function as expected. As mentioned earlier, two of the cables were connected incorrectly. I also gave a good shooter the wrong score. We got that corrected after it was brought to our attention. With that being said, please make me aware if you ever notice any errors in accounting. Each target is stored by the system and can be retrieved without much trouble. I have a pair of ear muffs that I think belong to Danny Gray. Will have at the September match.

      The September match will be a mid range prone match 3/20/600. We had announced this to be a long range match, but have decided otherwise. The details of the match and sign up will be posted around the first of September. Remember that we are registering for all matches and only taking max. 24 good shooters. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      I was contacted by a good shooter stating that his score was not right so I opened up the Shotmarker system to verify things. While in the system, I got to looking around in the stored data. I was wondering about the velocity of the bullets as they reach the target some 1000 yards away. Went online and read where 1126 fps is the speed that a bullet goes subsonic. Once that happens the Shotmarker system supposedly does not register the shot. We will not list any names but there were seven good FTR shooters last match and here is the 30 shot average velocity of all 7[all .308] 1578, 1562, 1545, 1491, 1411, 1365, 1328. Not sure what the muzzle velocity for these rifles was. Wynne’s 6mm Dasher has a muzzle velocity of 2870 fps and it gets to 1000 yards at approx. 1470 fps. Seems to be lots of lost energy. WWE

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      brett collins

      MR. WYNNE i don’t know about last saturday because of the poor preforming on my part.(but that’s another story) but last july’s match my target velocity at 1000 yards was in the 1690 fps range with a muzzle velocity of 2830 fps. that’s = 1140 of lost speed at 1000 yards that’s is a lot of speed to be losing but then again it is also dropping 274” that’s over 22 feet of drop. it’s really quite amazing when you think about.

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      scott parten

      I’m the 1411 guy at 1k. Magneto speed says average mv of 2638.
      If I true my app to for the 1411 at the target by adjusting hold over the app says my mv is 2614, between 1/2 and 1 MOA difference.
      I’m not doubting either piece of equipment, I’m thinking adjusting the bullet bc to true the app is the way to go for me. That’s the path I’m going down till proven wrong.

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne you bring up a interesting topic. I had read about the subsonic deal with shot marker before we ever shot 1K with them and I was very concerned that my short barrel might cause me a problem with this. Back in Dec when shooting the fun day 1K I shot my it’s hot summer time load which is 1/10 grain less than my cool days load. Basically worst case scenario to see if the Shotmarker would register
      What would be a worst case scenario slow shot for me. 10 shots all ten registered avg. @ target Velocity 1163
      So worst case I’m very border line. Fast forward July 1K match shooting again my done got hot load (same load as Dec.) @ target avg. 1284 , Aug. match same load @target avg. 1298 so hopefully @1K I’m good. I check this load week of the match Mv. Was 2730 with the 107’s so I’m dropping 14xx the @ muzzle ES 12 and SD 7 after I deleted the Crossfire shot and ran the #’s in my Excel program the @1k ES 53 and SD 16, food for thought that ES of 53 could translate to dropping an X down into the 9 ring

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      I do know mine is in the 1500 range and we all know just what bullet I’m shooting. I start the Sierra 200 grain off at 2600 fps at the muzzle. What’s crazy is that the Sierra 168, 175 and the 200 grain all shoot best for me at 2600 fps.

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