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      Wynne Echols

      I learned something new this past month at Reese Bottom. Although I have been shooting for three years now, I still feel that I am new to this. Many of you might tell me that I should know it all by now, but I obviously do not. I read shooting articles and watch shooting videos, but I seem to have a better grasp of something when I see or feel it myself. I have had the belief that if I knew my scope dope at a certain distance, all that I need to do was dial to that number and shoot. Well last Friday, the day before the mid range prone match, Dan Gunter and I shot all morning and I had a solid zero at the 600 yard target. I put the rifle in the bag without changing the scope settings. Well, the next morning, I set up everything just as the day before, took a solid aim, squeezed of my first fouler shot and the bullet hit approx. 15″ right and 7″ low. I am lying there thinking no way. Lesson learned: today is not yesterday, conditions change. What I learned: Hope that you are on the paper so that you can establish your zero for that relay. I even heard one shooter say that he had to adjust between each relay. So remember, conditions change. Please share your thoughts. Thanks, WWE

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      Al Barr

      Shoot 3 or 4 with exactly the same hold and make corrections from there. Unless the conditions or you are really twitchy; the results will be more meaningful.

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