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      Richard Slaton

      At the match last month Mr. Wynne and I were having a fire side chat one of the subjects was about the new rule change for the FTR and Bipod shooters in our BR matches. Mr. Wynne made a reference about because of the recoil of these guns taking them off target every shot it was not a true BR match. OK let me stop right here and say I know very little about true BR matches. The only BR match I’ve ever shot were at Reese Bottom and I did watch one BR match at Brocks gap. So I was lost at the meaning of his statement until the ride home. Like most I’m sure my ride home is a time to replay the match and analyze how things played out and get a game plan for next month. But this ride was about true BR. And along about Eutaw it hit me. Thinking back about the match at Brocks gap I remembered how shocked I was about how fast the shooter shot his 5 shots. It was almost like a race to see who finished 1st. which was not what I was expecting. I’ve always been a slow deliberate shooter sight alignment; breath control, trigger control but these guys were load and shoot load and shoot. After the match I ask about this and the reply was their trying to shoot before the condition change. BINGO! I’ve heard this comment at Reese Bottom but it went in one ear and out the other. OK Mr. Wynne am I right on the meaning of your comment by saying it hard to shoot before the condition change if because of recoil after every shot your gun is now point towards Aunt Nancy’s house and you have to pick it up and get back on target. Compared to the mechanical rest guys shooting lighter recoil guns that don’t veer far from the target. Like I told Mr. Wynne I really don’t care if we do it by Score or by Score and Group I’m just trying to understand this stuff which brings me to this:
      I believe 90% of the guns taken to the line at Reese Bottom can win on any given day. I believe 90% of the shooters that go to the line with ideal conditions can win on any given day. But if I understand True Br the shooter that shoot before the condition change OR even better can adapt to changing conditions is the shooter that you see win month after month.
      Just a little Sunday afternoon Range rambling because Mr. Wynne ask us to use this forum

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      Ron Lewis

      Generally speaking when I’m shooting 1000 yd registered IBS or NBRSA matches in the heavy class, I shoot my 10 shot groups with a 300 Win Ackley Improved in 42 to 45 seconds. Most of the time, I am shooting when everyone else is watching the flags.

      I watch for the prevailing condition and I shoot mirage. I shoot without concentrating on the target. I concentrate on the mirage. If it has not changed , then I gun’em down range.

      I believe that I score and group better in a wind than in a calm. When in the registered match, my goal is to make the shootoff.

      When shooting a registered match, my only goal is to win my relayeither high score or small group so that I can advance to the next stage.

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, I am not about changing rules. The only reason that we shot the match as we did was to simply do something a little different. Next time we can go back to both grouping and scoring. We are trying to shoot from the benches and prone also just to have a little something for everybody. As mentioned in an earlier topic, plans are to do something differently next month. Speak up out there, I never want to ask the good shooters at Reese Bottom to do something against their wishes. We appreciate the comments and we certainly listen to all things said. Back to the subject of bench rest. I am not the one that knows much about the subject, heck, I just got DQ’ed my last time out but a few things that I have noticed at other matches. At Manatee there were 30 shooters and there were no bi pods and no .308s or .223s. Could these rifles shoot the match, absolutely, but the good shooters must feel them to be non competitive or at least not as competitive. On my two trips to the World Open, those good shooters shoot only 10 shot groups and many of them try to get them down range in under 20 to 30 seconds. Many even faster. I think the IBS 1000 yard target has a 4″ square around the center ‘X’. One shooter told me that if he fires a shot and the scope stays in the 4″ square he pulls the trigger without aiming thinking that if the rifle is tuned and goes where pointed and the condition stays the same he should shoot at most a 4″ group. Seems to make sense, but does not work often. Must have something to do with not shooting them all before the condition changes. Richard thanks again for the topic and thanks Ron for the information. The rest of ya’ll, just keep your secrets to yourself. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne, Ron thanks y’all for your reply’s. You have opened my eyes a little more to how the Br stuff. With what I shoot 10 shots in 40 sec. is not going to happen I know I’m handicapping myself with what I shoot but I’m find with that because I’m having fun doing it my way. There’s more than one route to where your going I just got find the best route for me. I fully enjoy you changing thinks up each month and next month really sounds interesting

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      Ron Lewis

      Nothing funner than shooting a pistol, way out there.

      Very much a fan of yours, I have been shooting LR Pistol ever since getting hooked on IMSHA when I lived in Idaho. Back then (1983) I was shooting a Weatherbee Pistol in full length 308 Win., switched to a XP-100 in 7mmBR with a 14 inch barrel. It was a deer slayer too

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