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      Wynne Echols

      Several days ago, a guy masked as Unkie716 posted a topic on another forum trying to spread the good news about Reese Bottom. The topic has been view over 400 times, which I think is pretty good advertising for Reese Bottom. The size of our facility limits our ability to grow, but I believe that we still have a little wiggle room. My hope is that these viewers are visiting this website to learn more about us. One of the replies asked about shooting a heavy gun at our matches. We are not sanctioned and we certainly do not have scales so I would say ‘good to go’ since we are all about promoting shooting(please voice your opinions) If some do object to it being a part of the match, I will say that you could gladly shoot the rifle as a part of the match with the results just not listed.(Yet to be determined). Our divisions are hunting class(BDL Remington type), .308 & .223 shot on bag or bi-pod, any caliber shot on bi-pod, and any caliber shot on mechanical front rest(nobody can shoot a one piece rest) This is for bench rest of course. On the months that we shoot the mid range prone match we have sling, FTR, and F-Open. Thanks Pappy42 for your input.(I know who you are) X’s count. WWE

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