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      Wynne Echols

      As of this morning, the forums are back active. Many of you have mentioned that you would like to see this happen. I plan to take a different approach this time around. I will leave the forums up as long as the website stays active. Whether or not you choose to post will be your choice but I will remind all of you that the forum will never succeed unless 10 or 15 of you will commit to keeping it active. Without activity, other posters will not stop by and comment. Not real sure why so many of you are so reluctant to post but my promise to you is that if anyone makes a clean, honest post and someone else makes a snide comment I will zap the comment as soon as it is deemed inappropriate.

      Read other forums and see what is going on. Links to articles that you read, reloading data, new products, photos of interesting rifles. links to videos, links to other matches and websites, other match results, other shooting experiences, etc. are all things that I would love to read about. If anyone needs help with getting something posted, I am willing to help if only you will tell me(call or email)

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      Tony Graham

      I am happy to see them back up!

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