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      I just wanted to say Thank You to each and everyone who has said words of encouragement to Addison this year. It has meant a lot to him and me too. It would be easy for a youngster to feel a bit intimidated by shooting with grown men, but all of you have kept that from happening with him.
      To say he was excited about winning the low agg average at Saturday’s shoot, would be a huge understatement. His Daddy was pretty excited about it too. This sport is something Wynne tried to get me into a couple of years ago, but I guess I thought I was too busy. I’m so glad he didn’t give up on me, because Ad and I truly love the sport. Having the great group of guys that are willing to share their thoughts and ideas and experiences with us has made getting up to speed much easier for us and we want to Thank You All.
      Can’t wait to see each of you at the next shoot.

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      I’m not as bad of a speller as it looks, just can’t figure out how to edit the darn thing. There should have been Their.

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      Thanks Wynne.

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      Dan I think it’s wonderful to a Dad and his young Son out doing things together that they enjoy,please keep Addison shooting I may not live to see it but I think one day he will set a new world record in the shooting sport.With that being said my hat is off to you both I to enjoy shooting with both of you.

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      Al Barr

      Good job by both of the Gunter boys. Keep up the good work!

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