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      I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome I received today at the range. I have been around firearms my entire life but even 2 years in the U.S. Border Patrol, 8 years in the Marine Corps (F4 Phantom pilot ) and 25 years with the U.S. Department of Justice ( retired as Chief Pilot for the Marshal’s Service ), I felt like an uncoordinated recruit. It didn’t help any that I have Parkingson’s disease and had residual muscle rigidity all day.

      Everyone was very patient and supportive and made me feel welcome. I would like to shoot .22s with you again if you’ll have me.

      Tom Little

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      Mr. Tom,
      We’ve all made different mistakes, but none have been unsafe. We enjoyed having you today and hope you will return. This was our first .22 shoot and I thought it was a blast. Hopefully we can get enough interest in the .22 to make it a regular thing.

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      Wynne Echols

      Mr. Tom, I am aways excited to see a new face at Reese Bottom and we look forward to your return visit. If you would ever like to go out with me or by yourself, give me a call. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. D W was to bring your things this afternoon.

      Going to attach a photo. I am a very modest guy so you good shooters will have to figure out what the photo is. I’ll give one hint: when they are spaced that uniformly they will equal 250. I personally thought that the first .22 shoot was a huge suggest. I saw a lot of nice looking ‘vintage’ hardware and I also saw several new rifles with the sticker still on them. I’m guessing that the Mrs. does not know about all that goes on. When the caps were put on the smudge pots and the smoke cleared, that ole Anshultz found in a basement in central Pennsylvania brought home the gold. The rifle came with instructions as to how to shoot it well and I am going to share the instructions. Always remember this: always favor the center, and you must learn when ‘not to shoot’

      Sorry for not getting things up tonight but the ‘Chairman of the Board’ at Reese Bottom has a birthday tomorrow and I had to take her out to dinner tonight. Enjoyed seeing all of you good shooters today. WWE

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      Doug Pugh

      I had a great time with all the guys shooting in the .22 match. Mr. Tom, I hope to see you at Reese Bottom again very soon. Brad also enjoyed shooting with the guys in the bench rest match and he wanted me to let all of the shooters know that he appreciated all the help and making him feel welcome at his first match.

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      Looking at Wynne’s picture this course is obviously not difficult enough for him. Maybe he could give the rest of us a chance by just shooting a blank peace of paper and then measuring the distance between the holes.
      Kidding aside, that was great shooting Wynne. I am humbled to be able to shoot with you guys. Thanks again for all your help.Next match I will have all my stuff in one bag, I promise you.

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      Al Barr

      Semper Fi, Tom

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      I enjoyed both matches but got spanked bad! Welcome Mr. Tom. Hope you are able to continue shooting with us. I really enjoyed the 22 match but I guess I better buy me some of those Wynne bullets if I want to stay in the game against a couple of the shooters!

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