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      Jeff Fish

      First, I just wanted to give Mr Wynne a personal thank you from me. I am extremely new to this sport and am extremely grateful that Mr Wynne is extremely generous in everything he does at Reese Bottom. It is rare to find someone that is as giving as he is. To construct a fantastic facility such as Reese Bottom is and to allow people to use it the way he does is highly unusual and I, for one, am extremely grateful. In addition to a wonderful facility, Mr Wynne is also generous in his giving. We all know that Reese Bottom is a non-profit organization, at least you should if you listen to any of the safety briefings or prize giveaways at the monthly matches (lol). I have only been going for a couple of months, but I have yet to see him ask for a collection to pay for the lunches that were cooked for us, or the numerous varieties of breakfast treats he brings. It also shows in the prizes that he gives out to the winners. That is extreme generosity at its finest. So thank you Mr Wynne for being such a wonderful host and facilitator of such a special place that is unlike any other. I know there is a lot of effort into keeping that place going, and I appreciate all that you do.

      Secondly, I would like to thank all the wonderful people that I have had the privilege of meeting at Reese Bottom. It can be quite intimidating to try and compete with such phenomenal shooters such as yourselves, but you all seem to be very gracious in the sharing of your knowledge and experience. It helps take some of the learning curve out of trying to get better and tighter groups. So thank you to everyone that has been so wonderful and shared their thoughts and knowledge, I am truly honored to be around such world-class shooters and world-class people in general.

      I am excited to continue to get better and work hard at becoming a more proficient shooter and look forward to next year! I hope to have more of a repeat of my first match, than of my last 3. See you all soon!

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      Larry Linneman

      hey Jeff hope to see you up at Talladega cmp between now and February when things kick off again.i’ll post up when me and my crew go back up we have fun shooting together and its good practice for us since we can only get out to 300 yards at my clubs range.

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