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      Wynne Echols

      The Mrs. and I have just returned home after a week at the beach. We were amazed to be so close to the hurricane and yet have such beautiful weather. Anyway, glad to be home. Please remember that next Saturday, 15th, Reese Bottom will host a 600 yard bench rest match. This will be a 4 target, 5 record shots on each, all shot at 600 yards. We will fry some fish for lunch and the fairies have donated a ‘buck knife’ that we will draw for during the match. All registered shooters will be eligible to win. All other information is mentioned in another thread.

      I am proud of the Reese Bottom shooters that are shooting at other events. Success at 1000 yards will make Reese Bottom a piece of cake. A special congratulations to Steve Gilley for recently reaching his goal of ‘high master’. His recent score at the LA. state match at Palo Alto combined with his previous results were enough to achieve his goal.

      Finally, please remember Mr. Richard Allen in your thoughts and prayers. Mr. Richard has had much success at Reese Bottom and we hope that he is able to return soon. He has had some health issues lately and the last that I heard, he was to have heart surgery on Tuesday of this week. Hope to see many of you good shooters Sat. WWE

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      Al Barr

      If you get news on Mr. Richy, we would appreciate an update.

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      Steve Gilley

      Will be there if nothing bad happens. Praying for Mr. Richard. HaTe he had to go through yet another surgery. Wishing him a speedy recovery and hopefully he will be back out shooting again. Trying to get some of these boys down here that have let their guns rust up come and shoot with us!

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