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      Richard Slaton

      I’m not sure who or if any of the shooter @ Reese Bottom knows that my wife is in her second bout with Cancer. That being said I have to be real careful not to expose her to any Viruses among other things so with this new Virus threat I will probably not shake hands, hug necks are get real close. You may see me wash my hands, wipe down my mat among other things. Just trying to limit germs. The new term for this is “Social distancing”. You may wonder why I would come and take a chance. It’s a catch 22 if I don’t come my wife will have a melt down and for the rest of my life I will hear you didn’t go to that match because of me. I’ve been down this road before. Second reason shooting is my get away “chill time” and right now I need some of that

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      Richard my wife is telling me to stay home, still not sure if I’ll be there or not with all this crap going on. I’ve told her with me working and being around 100’s of people every day it should be ok for me to shoot, but we will have to see about me being at Reese Bottom in the morning. With that being said I plan on being at Reese Bottom at my regular time on Saturday morning……

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