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      Wynne Echols

      The Mrs. and I spent last week in Las Vegas attending the Shots Show. The only way to explain it is ‘overwhelming’. Did a lot of looking, actually bought a pair of digital ear plugs. Chuck Norris drew a heck of a crowd at the Glock booth. Gavin Toobe, the Ultimate Reloader guy was recording an interview at the AMP booth. He is an interesting fellow. If you have never watched any of his stuff, check out the Ultimate Reloader on Youtube. Enjoyed talking with Gordy Gritters, gunsmith, while they were videoing. He has recently moved his operation to Florida. ATN has some new thermal stuff that caught my eye. Gosh that stuff is expensive. Hope to announce the February match probably Sunday night so be making plans to crank up a new year of shooting. Asking everyone to please pre register. WWE

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