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      Wynne Echols

      As all of you good shooters know by now, the October match will be a four target bench rest match shot at 600 yards with a pit service. Before the shooter is allowed to shoot at their sight in target, there will be a timed fouler shot period shooting at 10″ steel plates. I was wondering how many of you good shooters would share with your buddies what you intend to do during the timed fouler period. Does anyone have any secrets to share that would help the other shooters get a better zero or notice conditions? Thanks, WWE

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      I don’t necessarily consider myself a “good shooter”, but here is my routine. First and foremost I get vertical dope, all the while watching the wind. I then try to determine a ” happy medium” on the wind and dial in my windage and shoot sightseers until I get where I want to be. Right before we go hot, I shoot one more. I do not adjust windage anymore. I only hold according to my very last shot. I haven’t gotten good enough for this to be foolproof, but it gets me pretty close. Hope this helps someone.

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      I plan to shoot the plate about 4 times to fowl my barrel and to get a feel of the wind. Like Dan I will adjust my elevation and windage for center hits I hope! When the target sighter shots are fired I will fire one at beginning of the 3 minute timer and if it is close then I will wait until the last 15 secs to fire one more sighter. As far as checking wind conditions I have found that the top of the 400 or 500 yard backers are good spots to read mirage.

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