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      Richard Slaton

      After the Match Sat. Mr Wynne said he would like to see us set up a “Gun set up data base” topic on the chat room forum and suggested that I start this Sooo here it is we also decided maybe best NOT to list powder charge just components

      Savage Striker rebarreled with a 16” McGowen prefit Barrel Chambered in 6BrX. Factory Stock that has been opened up for heavy Barrel. Barrel has a round count of 2232(including Sat. match) scheduled to be replaced this fall, 20 MOA EGW scope base Sightron III 8×32 mildot scope. Homemade Bipod, Gun was assembled by me.
      Brass Lapua fireformed from 6Br.
      Powder Varget
      primers CCI 450
      Bullets 107 Serria SMK
      MV 2730 @1K 1282
      Calculated Sight settings @1k 32.5 the Shot Maker adjusted setting for this match was 31

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      scott parten

      My .308 started life out as a Gunbroker auction factory Remington LTR. It had a 20″ 1:12 twist fluted barrel. I shot my first ever mid-range prone match the first time I was invited to shoot at Reese bottom with 168 game kings over Varget. It made a trip to Britt Jones last year. The original action now lives in a

      Foundation Stock
      30″ 1:10 Krieger Heavy varmint barrel
      Timney trigger
      Nightforce benchrest scope with Seekings rings

      I shoot 200 grain Bison Ballistics over Varget just over 2600fps. My ballistic app says I need 32MOA to reach 1k and it has 1400fps left over at the target measured by the shotmarker system. My load averaged an 11fps SD the last 30 shot string.

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      My 308 started out as a new Remington 700 40X Single Shot action, Broughton 7.97 1000 Yard F-Class barrel at 9.3lbs with the FTR Chamber with .170 Freebore, a McMillan XIT stock, 30 MOA Badger base, 30MOA TPS rings lapped of course topped off with a Nightforce 12-42X56 NP-2DD Benchrest scope.

      All machine work was done by Britt Jones and I always install my base, rings and scope.
      For my loads I always use the Lapua Palma Brass with Varget Powder, CCI BR4 primer and a 200 grain Sierra 2231 bullet at 2600 FPS.

      I don’t do a lot of load testing but I loaded two different brands of 200 grain bullets took 20 of each and shot two 20 shot groups and picked the best group of the two and that’s what I’m shooting.

      I don’t have a ballistic app on my phone so I get on my PC and start digging and make up a dope chart. I have a 200 yard zero and at a 1000 yards I dial 108 quarter clicks or 27 MOA and that puts me on paper at 1000 yards. I made out my dope chart for 200 to 1200 yards and each time I shoot a match and zero I go back and write down my adjustment in my little black book.

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      scott parten

      Edit: Additional Info………

      I use a 6 o’clock hold on the x ring and try to do all my ‘scope dialing’ during sighters and hold off for wind when shooting for record. I feel I have lost all focus and momentum when I start dialing during record shots and am just chasing my tail.
      For me focusing on the bottom of that circle helps my concentration when I break my shot.

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      Wynne Echols

      I shot the 6mm Dasher this past weekend for the first time from the prone position. The thing is build around a Panda action #1322. The action is a left load, drop port. I’ll say this, the left load and a bum left shoulder are not a workable combination. I really struggled getting the thing loaded and it showed up with some especially poor shooting late in the relay. Ian Kelbly told me that the #1322 means that this was the 22nd action that they build in 2013. Kelby sent the action to Stick at SSS Precision in Texas where he did the work to make it a drop port, which is nice, and also made the bolt to work. When the bolt comes back, the extractor flips the brass out of the bottom hole. The bolt does not have an ejector pin, gravity causes the brass to drop. The same action has worked as a 6mmBR and now as a 6mm Dasher. I do not think this service is still available.

      Here are a few of the rifle’s characteristics:
      Wheeler Stock with aluminum rudder
      Brux 28″, 4 groove, 1 X 8 twist barrel chambered with Norma reamer
      Bix & Andy trigger set at 2 oz of pull
      Panda Action
      March Scope
      Norma brass, CCI 450 primers, H 4895 powder, Bart’s 105 Hammers
      {love Varget powder, experimenting with H 4895, takes a little less to get to same
      muzzle velocity. This is my story and I am sticking to it. WWE

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