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      Guys, If you take a look at the posts on here in some of them there is the same questions. Wynne just started a new one about set-up while shooting prone, this is very important, as a matter of fact it is so important as to be fundamental to a good personal shooting technique. This also applies to shooting from the bench it is the foundation that all of the rest of your shooting needs to be successful.

      Trigger control as has been mentioned by Ron is another thing, the simple act of dragging wood will you are in the process of breaking the shot can destroy all of the work you have done. Knowing exactly –let me repeat that– KNOWING EXACTLY what is going on with you the shooter and the rifle right at the moment of trigger break is critical to squeezing that last bit of accuracy out of your self and your rifle. How do you start doing these things if no one has ever shown you?

      Wind reading is another topic that can NOT be stressed enough as to its importance. How do you learn what is right and what is wrong? In both of the subjects above you are going to “HAVE” to be your own teacher. It is the time spent behind the trigger watching, observing and pay attention to what that watching and Observing is telling you is the key. You are going to have to learn a new language a rifle accuracy language. To be honest most in the shooting sports DO NOT have the dedication to even try and learn what they need to know to be successful. Those with that desire need someone to get them started in the right direction.

      So I am proposing a Wind And Set Up Clinic, to be held on a Saturday because I think most people probably have Saturdays off. This will be at Wynne’s Discretion on a OFF WEEKEND from the shoots. For this to work there will be “ONE” instructor and I am volunteering myself for that role. If anyone wants to know why I think I am qualified drop me a e-mail and I well tell you.

      Some of the things that will be covered. We will check every firearm to see if it “WILL” track. Shooters will be shown how to work on there technique so that are able to handle a “GOOD” tracking rifle. We will deal with the trigger break thing in such a way that you as a shooter can have better and more productive practice time. I will also show you some tricks about reading the wind and what you can do so that you are not guessing “ALL” of the time. Sometimes reading the wind is a guess but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Mirage will be dealt with in a way to show you that it is really your friend and not the BOOGEY MAN that so many believe it to be. With a little and I mean a little instruction on how to practice and teach yourself about shooting in the wind in time when you go to a match and the wind is blowing and I mean really blowing you can and will approach the firing line with a smile on your face while everyone else has that look of dread. That would be a cool thing.

      Me personally I always want the wind on match day, it gives me an advantage that most ( NOT ALL) will never have. Simple because they don’t know what to do.

      For this to happen there will need to be some interest. By that I don’t mean 20 or 30 people have to show up, I will gladly do this if there is only ONE guy who is really interested in finding that place to start.


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      When you all come up with a date, Addison and myself will be there. Thanks in advance for what I know will be very beneficial to us.. Dan

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      Brent Keith

      I would also be interested in some instruction

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      That sounds great Gunny that would be something that would help a lot of people I need all i can learn on setting up a mechanical rest and rear bag on bench rest shooting.You can count on me being there unless something really strange comes up,I have a bench gun but no rest yet I can watch and learn and get some idea’s on what I need to get all complete on bench rest equipment.
      Surrell Franklin
      Master Sniper

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      Come ready to shoot, I will furnish you a rest for this, and when we finish you will be good to go on set-up for a benchrest match. Glad you are coming.

      Guys, looks like this is going to happen, as a matter of fact it is a done deal as far as I am concerned. I have spoken with Wynne and he thinks this is a good idea, we just need to settle on a date.

      We will get that done and I hope than even a few more guys would like to participate.


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      Wynne Echols

      Roland and I have tentatively agreed to hold this set-up and wind reading clinic on Saturday June 28th. Plans are for this to be a stand alone clinic not to be held with a regular shoot. There will be shooting involved. More information will be coming at a later date. Gunny says that he has noticed from several of the post in the chat forum that several shooters would love to improve their shooting and understanding of our sport. He has offered to be the instructor and share his knowledge. Gunny makes a very good point. He says that so many of us(me) have never been told a right or a wrong way of doing this and he promises that everyone that attends will leave with something new to ponder over.

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      Ron Lewis

      Great Topic.

      I too like a windy day. Some of the guys we shoot with know that I’m a mirage shooter. I have been for years. At some point, I should try to explain mirage shooting and the trusty mirage boards that I use to use when shooting point blank benchrest. I’ll work on putting something together.

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      Al Barr

      Count me in!

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      Happy that this is a go I look forward to learning something that will be new to me as far as setting up the correct way on the benchrest side of shooting……
      Thanks Gunny…..Thanks Mr Wynne for being able to use your range for this training.

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      Mike Reekie

      My wife and I have an unsure situation with her mother’s heart valve problem at age 93; but, if possible I will be there for that clinic. Lord knows, I need it. I hope the wind is blowing that day.

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      Roland I will be there and Jimmy will also if he is off. We practice often here at my range but certainly would appreciate you sharing the years of shooting knowledge with us on reading wind conditions. Thanks.

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