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      Wynne Echols

      Sorry that I am so late getting this announced but Suze has had me in Gulf Shores for a few days. She made me escort her last night to an Alabama concert at the Wharf. So remember “if you are going to play in Texas, you have to have a fiddle in the band”. On Saturday September 19, 2015, Reese Bottom will host a Mid Range Prone Match. 3 X 20 X 600. I would hope that all of you good shooters will be there to register by 8 am or shortly thereafter so that we can be shooting by 9 am. We will have F-Open, F-T-R, Sling, and a new division F-Open/bench. $10 per gun with all fees paid to winners; no food or drinks will be furnished, so bring your own and plan to eat on the go. Hopefully, the weather will be more pleasant. Remember the remainder of this year’s events are September = Mid Range Prone, October = bench rest 4 targets @ 600 yards, and November will rap up 2015 with the final Mid Range Prone Match.

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      Got my 6Br out and tested some loads that I used an expander die on to help with neck tension. It has not been shot since April but I’m bringing it to the next match. All I want to do is break my last F-class score that I shot at Reese Bottom!!

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      brett collins

      well Dagnabit Steve if 599 is not good enough for you! but I would love to see you get a 600. heck I we’ll buy you a Coke cola.

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