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      Wynne Echols

      Be sure and look around the website. I have updated the home page, results page, and have some random photos taken at the match yesterday on the photos page. Please encourage others to come shoot with us at Reese Bottom. Time is running out on 2015 with only two more matches. I am not so sure if we realize what a rare feat we witnessed yesterday. Whoa, a perfectly clean target[200 20X]. I hope that many of you good shooters will post something that you experienced yesterday. As for me, I now understand the need for a shooting mat. We had an odd number in the Open Bench division yesterday and Steve Gilley offered to shoot in F Open if he could borrow a mat. He got mine out of the shooting shed and I shot off of the ground. I have pampered the shooting pad for two years now and did not see a problem. Well, this morning I ached all over and was so sore that it took 3 aleve to get me to Sunday School. Thanks for coming, let us hear from you. WWE

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      Same here Wynne, that prone position works on me! Took more than Aleve to get me going! I had fun though and would have done well if I hadn’t gave 10 of my points to someone else!

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      I was pulling the target that Robbie shot clean. I have never seen that done before. Counting his last sighter he fired 21 X’s in a row! A very difficult feat to say the least! Congrats Robbie!

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      brett collins

      gentleman I have tried to google this and I cannot find any record of anyone shooting a 200-20x at 600 yards. that’s truly amazing. and hats off to Mr.allen Who had to compete against that and still pull off the win. good job guys.

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      Daryl White

      Mighty fine marksmanship and bunches of fun Saturday. Perfect target at 600 yards! WOW!

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      Al Barr

      It’s real hard to beat a perfect target!

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