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      Richard Slaton

      Another fun day @ Reese Bottom. Glad to see the big crowd and the new to us shooter. I’m always excited anytime we have new YOUNG shooters.
      Let me say this and take it with a gain of salt.
      Sat. we had a shooter that was having a problem get in the sighter plate I was trying my best to help
      But my help was somewhat hindered by the fact people were walking back and forth or even stopping to talk in front of my spotting scope. I’m not sure of an answer but I think we could talk about limiting
      Walking and talking around the shooters when the line is HOT if anyone else thinks this is a problem or maybe it’s really not a problem “asking for a friend”

      Headed into the match I felt really good about the two things I was going to try. 1st was a little different rear bag set up and 2nd a little different approach to how I gripped my pistol. From the bench end of things both seemed to work as I had hoped. The problem I had was the data from the sighter plate was hacked. I believe that aliens intercepted that data modified it and then sent it on my way. The data from the sighters was not what I was expecting from the Scope Dope I had dialed in which was based on info from my data base of 500 yard BR matches at Reece Bottom. I believe these aliens also hacked into my hearing aids and with their cunning little voices convinced me not to use what I knew would work but to use the corrupt data they sent me. I had a weak moment and fell for their nasty trick which resulted in some pretty sad scores. I got lucky even though they were not great my Group agg. Was enough to pull me from rock bottom to taking home some money.
      Match day part two: playing at 1K
      This being my 1st. time to ever try 1K shooting I guess the aliens decide to leave me alone and I was able to fulfill a dream I’ve had for a long time Handgun shooting at 1K. And as some saw from my emotions I was pretty happy with my 1st. 1K range time. After hitting the 20×20 a few times I got a little carried away when I nailed the 10 X 10 I apologize for my ragging comments (kinda)
      Unfortunately the nasty little aliens decide to attack some of the other 1K shooters. Using their alien power they were able to catch the bullet straight from the muzzle and these bullets were never seen or heard from again.
      I’m in no way saying I’m ready to compete at 1K. But I do believe after hitting the plates I can check off my bucket list “shooting hand gun at 1K “

      That’s my story(match report) and I’m sticking to it
      Thanks again Mr. Wynne for all that you and a few others do. And the Shooter at Reese Bottom for making it fun

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, I always look forward to your match report. I wish that all of our shooters would follow your lead and do the same. That way we could possibly have a more active forum. As for the interference with you trying to help, I would hope that a polite comment explaining what you were doing would suffice. If not, get my attention and we will go to plan B. The ditch behind the shed makes for close quarters but maybe we can set up the chairs further away than we did this month and that would help out. As for the aliens, they get me to. I have never had success moving from the plates to the target and shooting good scores. As for the group size, I had nine together on each target and one bullet out on each target that doubled the group sizes. In fact, a couple of years ago I had an email from a very good shooter asking me what the secret to the move was. I had no answer. What I do know is that Google Earth says that the 500 yard target is roughly 28′ above the shed floor. Richard Allen suggested to me on Saturday to try using gloss white paint instead of flat white. He mentioned that he has had better luck with that. As for the 1000 yards, it is pretty amazing to see that pistol do that. Tell the Ms. thanks for the cobbler. I assume that you were simply the delivery man. Keep these cards and letters coming. WWE

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