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      Richard Slaton

      Sept. Match Report
      Well Mr. Wynne said we normally have our best match in Sept and man was he right
      We had some shooters on fire Sat. with a host of clean targets! Starting with Kenneth Thomas It was great to see Kenneth back in the winner’s circle. The Match up of the day was between Brett and Steve in open with Steve tying it up on the 3 rd. relay But Brett taking the win on X counts. I figure we may have had some new personal best Sat. But not for me.
      My match:
      The challenges of my match started actually started Sept 4 in Selma range day before the Sat. MOA match. This is when I learned for some still somewhat unknown reason my elevation sight settings were a full Two MOA off at 300yrds. from my LAST MATCH AT SELMA. This 2 MOA difference carry though at 4, 5 and 600 yards. I have come up with about a dozen reasons why but have not proved any as the cause. And at the Sat. match I shot my second highest score for that match so all is working fight. A few days after the match I went and shot at 100 and yes my 100 zero was 2 MOA off. With the match at Reese Bottom a couple weeks away what do I do! “The what do I do now” thoughts starting rolling through my mind. Well after a lot of reasoning I came up with a plan, the plan was my 600 yard sight setting for F class @ Reese Bottom with Shot marker off set is #12 I would start at #13.5 my thinking if this was a fluke I should only be about 9 “high still within the sensor if the 2 MOA was still there I should be only 3” inch low. If this 1 st. shot did not register then my 2nd shot would be at my normal @12 if that does not register I would not take a 3rd. shot and without being told would pull off the line. Because my windage was not affected I felt this was a save plan that would not put Mr. Wynne’s stuff in harm’s way.
      Match Day and the pucker factor was in full mood when I went to the line. With sights set at 13.5 I held dead center on the X and fired it seemed like two days before shot Marker popped up a low 8 I can now breathe!
      I came up two click which put me @ 14, 2 MO from my normal #12 produce a couple 9’s which were borderline 10’s. Close enough to adjust my hold for the conditions next three shots were 2 10’s and a 9
      I’m relieved and ready to shoot for score. My 1st. and second relays had some problems that I will let you figure out. Relay 1 I shot 19 rounds but had 20 scores and a SD of 51.5 relay 2 I shot 18 rounds and had 20 scores and a SD of 68.6, relay 3 I shot 20 rounds and had 20 rounds scored and a SD of 20.6?
      Mr. Wynne made a statement at my 1st. F class match that if you can keep your relays in the 190’s your doing pretty good. Saturday was my 7th F Class match and the 1st. relay’s 189 were the 1st. relay I’ve shot that was less than 190. Saturday’s score of 577 was my second lowest F class score only beating my 1st. Ever match of 576. Ok that an enough of that I’m putting that part of Sat. behind me!!!
      What I need to work on:
      Mental game I view this not as an excuse but as part of the game just like dealing with wind. Saturday I brought some distractions with me and had some added during the 1st. two relays.
      I believe when you put eye behind the scope and the finger on the trigger you need to lock out everything else Saturday I did not do that and that 100% on me
      Things I’m trying:
      This year I’m swabbing my bore down with Kroil after the match while the barrel is hot and letting it soak on the way home. Sure seems to make cleaning easier. I’m still on the not shooting a clean dry bore wagon I think I’m seeing less copper fouling. After I do a deep barrel clean I like to shoot 5-10 pre match day fouler shoots. Lately I been loading these fouler rounds with CFE 223 powder which has a copper eliminator additive ?????. I’m also using this powder to break in a new 6 BrX barrel ???? Partially to save my Varget. This post is turning into a Novel so let me close with
      I’ve now shot at 25 events, firing total 1094 rounds at Reese Bottom and have enjoyed every one of them. Thanks you Mr. Wynne and the shooter’s of Reese Bottom!
      The BrX now has 2367 rounds down it, the plan is to switch it out after the Nov. match
      Oh as for as the 2 MOA I’m going to blame it on the Pandemic or on the fact as my Daughter keep telling me “Your almost 70”

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      Wynne Echols

      Thanks for posting Richard. If I had a match report it would all revolve around the third relay. As everyone knows, the .223 is built on a Remington action and some how I must have bumped the safety. When I pulled the trigger on shot eighteen the rifle did not fire. I noticed the safety appeared back a little and when I pushed it forward the rifle fired and I looked at the tablet screen and noticed that the shot registered. Turned out to be a 4 o’clock 8. Never had that to happen before. I had a couple of observations that I wanted to mention and see if anyone else noticed anything similar. The third relay was the only relay that I noticed much mirage. I did not have a barrel shield and was wondering if that was the problem or if the mirage was at the target. My shooting seems to suffer dealing with mirage. I also noticed that last month while we were shooting at 1000 yards. I have work to do here. The other thing that I thought that I noticed was that the predominate wind seemed to be from right to left and my impact seemed to want to try to impact into the wind or to the right. Am I crazy or does anyone have a comment on that?

      I am going to attach a screen shot of my third target. Most of my misses are low and all of the low shots were traveling from 20 to 40 fps slower than the hits. Although I thought my loading was pretty consistent, there is obviously work to do. All in all, I thought it was a pretty good day to shoot. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne
      1. yes the mirage for me was there on the 3rd relay
      2.yes I felt like I hit more right (into the wind) I was thinking about that on the way home I think I was maybe over compensating for a wind that was maybe more quartering to me than true right to left. For some unknown to me reason when I snap shot my targets I didn’t spread out the screen to see were the hits were.
      3rd. It’s is good to know that you can shoot a clean target with a SD that is not single digit

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      Wynne Echols

      The tooth fairy came. I hope you do not mind me going public with your targets. Please call my cell 334-654-2462. I had sent you a message earlier. Not sure what happened. WWE

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