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      Wynne Echols

      If you are a member of this forum and have an opinion, please speak your mind. I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead at Reese Bottom, but at the same time intend to make a few changes. I have in mind a few things that I would like to do a little differently but at the same time do not what to try to impose my desires on the good shooters that support Reese Bottom. I am asking for your opinion and will respect your response whatever it might be. First let me say that I enjoy hosting these matches and certainly appreciate every ones support and help during the matches. Please understand that I constantly observe and monitor what all is taking place and I am constantly trying to find ways to run the matches better and at the same time be easier on Wynne. Several times this past year, I left the matches exhausted, mostly mentally. I hope to implement a couple of small changes that will hopefully cut down on my duties as Sheriff. I want to create a match that will run itself and allow me to be just a good shooter. I will talk more about this in the next day or so.

      It is time to establish a schedule for 2020 at Reese Bottom. Before I get too far into this planning, I would like to hear from you the good shooters. Anything that you are willing to say, I am willing to listen to. My thinking going in is to use the E-Targets each month in some fashion at some distance[600 or 1K]. If you think otherwise please speak now. Our last attempt at bench rest also left me wondering if I was asking most of our good shooters to do something that their stuff would not do. I have a bench rest gun and hate to completely abandon the format, but watching those bi pod rifles shooting a bench rest match in windy conditions was painful. One of my thoughts was to let the bi pod rifles shoot the smaller target for score only? What say you? If I am off base here, speak up. If what we have been doing is okay, we will keep doing it. Which type of shooting do each of you prefer, F-Class or bench rest? Please speak what is on your mind, call your buddies and get them to speak up. If this falls on death ears then I ask that you bear with me and lets make 2020 a fun, competitive year. WWE

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      brett collins

      I enjoy shooting both f-class and bench rest if I was forced to pick just one I would go with f-class but then again I would be happy shooting the other one my point is I have no complaints whatsoever but I would like to see the match director have more time to shoot and enjoy the match with the rest of us I say do whatever that would make it easier and give you more time to enjoy yourself if you need some help maybe we could get together the weekend before the match and get things in order for the upcoming match
      mr. wynne just let us know what we can do to help and I’m sure that the shooters of reesebottom will step up

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      Richard Slaton

      Ok here’s my $0.02
      My main proposal is to do whatever we/I can to make this fun for everyone most impartially Mr. Wynne.
      I’ve seen this movie before at other ranges were the guy running the show never get to shoot or if he does, he’s rushed and can’t really relaxed to fully enjoy. I’m seeing more and more shooter taking on responsibly to help run the match. I think we are getting close to the learning part of the e-target learned and everyone feels more comfily with those from installing to scoring. It seems at late that we have the all-important cooking team in place. At most of the match we have the same old bunch pretty much shooting the same old guns so you would think yes, the match should pretty much should run its self but it doesn’t
      So maybe “team leaders”
      Team A group that is responsible for going down range setting up and tearing down the e-target hardware
      Team B group that is responsible for setting up Laptop and tablets and compiling the scores
      Team C RO and SO group to run the firing line
      Team D cooking group
      Team E awards group hand out the money and pins this should be the only Group Mr. Wynne should be in
      I would say the most stress coming from running a match would be from malfunctioning equipment to un prepared shooters. I think we about got the E-target dialed in and Mr. Wynne has asked us to come prepaid to shoot a match not to use the match as a sight in session. Ok I’m sure we all or going to have growing pain with the 1K stuff but I really think 2020 is going to be smooth sailing so hopefully Mr. Wynne can set back enjoy the ride and leave the driving to us.

      Chapter 2 of this novel
      If I understand you on the BR match the/me Open bipod would only shoot for score groups size would not be used. high score wins. Which would be somewhat like F class but all shooting from Benches and shooting BR targets. Ok so would this be shoot were after sighters the tablets are turned off and your shooting blind for score (unlike Fclass) I’m for giving anything a try its not like we can’t go back Right now I really don’t have a option

      Not sure how much trouble it would be using the E-targets to have one match where you shot maybe 10 shots at 600 then 10 @ 1k asking for a friend
      F Class or Br. after we got the E targets I said I like the F class better Right now I’m going to stick with that but going to reserve the women rules that says I can change my mind at anytime and for any reason
      I wrote all this then started to delete it but said what the heck
      in the year of the mad dog 20/20

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      I will help in any way I can…… I like shooting F-Class better, but Benchrest takes less ammo and a lot cheaper. I’ve heard finding Varget is like winning a lottery right now and I’d like to save as much as all the other shooters. If we shoot 10 F-Class matches a year we will be shooting a lot of ammo and burning out our barrels a lot quicker.

      With that being said I may have to find a weekend job just to buy powder, primers, brass and bullets.

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      scott parten

      I would be glad to help any way I can. I enjoy the change in format from month to month.
      I’m relatively new to the group. This will be year 3 for me and feel like I learned something every Saturday I was able to attend.
      I’m good with shooting for group, it keeps things interesting, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

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      Steve Gilley

      I’m going to try being there more this year and will be willing to help in any capacity that I can. I understand that the 1000 yds play day went well but from shooting here at 1000 the weather can be downright cruel at that range!! I would like a mix of 600/1000 F-class mingled with 600/1000 benchrest myself..and of course with the shot marker system! Got to love it!

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