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      Tony Graham

      I’ll tell you this; I don’t know how to shoot the wind/mirage! I’d like to learn. I’ve got a buddy here from Wayne Co. that has put the time in and has got it down pat. #3 in the IBS 1K Shooter of the Year rankings for 2014 and will possibly win it all.
      There are two schools of thought the BR world, Pickers or Runners. I am a Runner! I know no different. In the F-class world, the only winners are Pickers!
      Back to the science, I am one that can’t just shoot a SAMMI cartridge. I like to be in No Man’s land! I like to take something you did and make it better or faster! The Odin case (6.5X47 Lapua) or the Thor (8x68s) I’ve launched a whole new company off of these cases. I’ve got one hell of a fine Smith as you guys do also.
      My thoughts are Case design, Sizer, and then seater! In that order.
      Pressure is the determining factor on the parent cases listed above. Reamers are proprietary.

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      Sure would like to talk him into coming over here one morning and teaching me a little more on mirage across this hay field. Anyone else would be welcome to come if he could spare a few hours. Heck we might even light up the grill!

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      Tony Graham

      You have shot against Bobby down at PSC back when we started shooting F-class. Maybe later in the year when you do your shoot we can get him to show up. The Nats are Labor Day Weekend and he should be finished for the year around that time.

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