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      Wynne Echols

      Thank you to all that were willing to share their knowledge of prone shooting yesterday before the match. Having cut my teeth on benchrest shooting, I must admit that this prone shooting is a full struggle for me. I notice so many shooters that look so comfortable on the line and then once it is my turn to shoot, I seem so out of sorts. Not sure if it is me or my stuff, but my site picture of the target seems very unstable. My little .223 is not tracking well on the bi-pod and I get so caught up in getting back on target that I often completely forget to notice the conditions. I had set myself a goal to get in the 580’s yesterday and after the first relay it was still possible, but I got progressively worse. Not there yet but I vow to keep trying. What are some of you good shooters offering as advice? Are any of you other good benchrest shooters having any of the same problems? All help and advice is appreciated. Thanks, WWE

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      Tony Graham

      Wynne, I think that it might be your Bi-pod and rear bag. I would recommend the Sinclair type bi-pod and a square of carpet w/ a regular rear bag. I noticed the guys using that type set up did not have a problem returning to battery. I know I had a hell of a time shooting from a Harris Bi-pod during the April match from bench and I’ve shot that way a lot, years ago. You did some fine shooting during the first set for sure. One other thing you were lined up straight behind the butt of the rifle. I find it more comfortable to be slightly offset. Although I don’t think I was as comfortable as Bo, he was offset w/ his legs crossed. I think he could have laid there all day.
      Set up is not my problem. Mine tracks fine. It is doping the wind. I can read it and tell you it’s blowing, but cannot give a correction for holding off!

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      Well I’m definitely at the bottom of the ladder climbing way up. I want all the advice I can get.
      It was a great time Sat for sure. I’ve got some major equipment changes taking place before the next match. It was my 1st 600 yard prone match and I think getting comfortable in that position and being able to be consistent in my actions up to and after the shot will really help moving forward.

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