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      Richard Slaton

      Well this one sure flew by
      My Wife and I were just reflecting back on my time @ Reese Bottom which started by a invite from
      Mr. Wynne Feb.12, 2018 at 8:08pm Which was prompted by cause I started hanging out on this Web site and could have been aided by some of the guys I knew from Gabriel Creek so now you know who to blame it on. Surrell open the door for me to try this long range stuff and I would like to thank him for that. Mr. Wynne has let me take not only LR shooting to the next level but check shooting 1K off my bucket list. Thank you both
      Back to 2019 I was able to make 10 of the 11 matches plus the fun day missed April (grandsons Birthday party) I logged 482 rounds from the firing line @ Reese Bottom in 2019 including 47 @1K plus a lot of good food. 2019 saw me with 1 st. and 1 DQ and an average finish of 3rd. I didn’t shoot a clean 200 but did fire three 198’s and one 199 so I think it’s doable. I’ve shot good groups with bad scores and good scores with bad groups. Other than acting like a 16 year old kid when I hit the steel plates at 1K
      And saying something about people walking in front of you when you spotting I think I have behaved pretty well this year. Bottom line it has been a fun year to say the least thanks to all that has helped make it that.
      2020 plans Well the 6 BrX has 1831 rounds down it which should put it around 2500 by the end of next year I had thoughts of rebarreling( I have a new X barrel) now and putting the old barrel aside as a broke in just in case barrel
      Still haven made the call on that yet. I had also thought about ordering a 223 barrel and setting up a FTF Striker for 600 just not sure how the 223 with heavies will do in a short barrel. After the fun day I feel better about using the 6 BrX at 1K I guess only time and matches will tell. With the plan for all matches next year being @ 600 and 1K I guess I better get my ducks in a row and make some calls
      Mr. Wynne you made a big comment this year with all the upgrades I’m going to try my best to help you get a good return on your investment

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      Richard you are very welcome, I’m so glad you took my offer to come to Reese Bottom. I would also say you have shown a lot of skill with your short barrel at Reese Bottom and Gabriel Creek. I hope you will keep on shooting with us for years to come and I’ll see you in February.

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