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      Wynne Echols

      Good morning to all. Reese Bottom has created it’s own divisions and scoring system and you good shooters have never questioned things so I assume that you are all okay with everything. We divide our rifles into three divisions and crown an overall winner in each division. Two of the divisions are shot from a bi pod and a rear bag and the rifles are separated just as they are at a f-class match[.308/.223 and all other calibers] The third division included all calibers shot from a mechanical from rest and a rear bag[no one piece rest]

      Over the last couple of years, I have noticed other clubs different ways of determining their winners and my son in law has helped me create an excel spread sheet to determine the desired results. If any of you might not quite understand what we are trying to accomplish, there are a couple of examples in the results from this past weekend that should help us understand. Everyone attends to try to win. If a shooter shoots smaller groups and higher scores than others in their division, they will win[1st + 1st = 2 and the smallest total wins] Now, go to the results page and notice the Open-Bi Pod division. See that Buddy was 1st grp & 2nd score = 3 and Brett was 1st score and 2nd grp = 3. Although their totals are equal, the program gives more weight to the group winner and therefore crowned Buddy the overall winner. See this also illustrated with Terrance and Wynne in the mechanical division[although, unfortunately the numbers are much higher]. Their totals were the same but Terrance finished higher because his group total was better. My wish is that everyone that attends Reese Bottom enjoys them self and leaves there knowing that they received a fair chance. If anyone ever has a question about the way things are done, please ask or comment. I am always looking for ways to improve your experience. Am very surprised that none of you good shooters have not thanked Sarah for the delicious pound cake and Brent for that good deer sausage. I noticed that there was none left. Gilley is okay, said he had a lot going on last week. See you next month. WWE

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      The breakdown of divisions are perfect. Only other division that would be neat to have is a complete Factory division. This would allow shooters that are new to the sport not to be tossed into the lions den of fully customized rifles that will destroy them! Don’t wanna run them off before they decide that our sport for them

      I do have a couple questions about it since you brought up the subject. This is just my 2¢ and I speak only for myself not the masses of people but:

      How are benchrest tournaments typically scored? Like on a sanctioned event? I have read minimal literature and it seems it’s score based from points and X hits?

      I understand F-class scoring is all for points and X for tiebreaker.

      How much is the AGG % score vs the actual point score % at Reese Bottom calculated?

      The only reason I ask is because a tight group is not worth that much if it misses its intended target. ( meaning Centered around bullseye in a competition or in the kill zone if an animal if you are hunting). But precision is getting your groups to land exactly where intended which is bullseye. That’s why we shoot sighters to get them dialed in close. Otherwise we can save money by shooting blank paper with a X somewhere on it for point of aim.

      Lord knows I’m not anywhere near being a great shooter but my goal is to always strive for the center of the target. It’s hard to sit still and not make a correction when I see my bullets landing off target. But if corrections are made during a event other than F-class ones score will suffer.

      Long of the short a good score due to hits in the center means more to me than a tiny group in the lower left corner of the target. But I am more than happy to play by whatever clubs rules that are allowing me to come shoot. I will just need to adapt and give it my best.

      See y’all next month! And please feel free to engage my thoughts. That’s why I wrote them on here and didn’t keep them locked inside my head!

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      Wynne Echols

      Thanks Ben. I will answer when I get home on computer. Do not what to peck out answer on iPad. We all need report from Gabriel Creek. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      Ben, The wife and I are home so I am on the computer and here I come with an answer. Let me begin by saying that I would love to hug your neck for asking or referencing to a legitimate question or idea on the forums and I would certainly hope that some of the other good shooters would join in with their thoughts.

      First off, it is my desire that each third Saturday at Reese Bottom be a day of safe, fun, fierce competition, not just another day at the firing range. I think that several here will agree that I have always made Reese Bottom available for load development or just a great day of shooting on an individual basis. I am also very interested in promoting our sport and have agreed to soon shoot with a group trying to jump start a match in MS. It will never be the intent of Reese Bottom to do anything that might discourage a new shooter from getting involved. I will agree that money can buy good stuff, but money will not make stuff shoot well. I will also mention that we tried a ‘hunting rifle class’ once, but it only had shooters one month. I will pledge to always be open to suggestions.

      Please do not read very much into this group weight thing. The sole purpose of this was to establish a tie breaker. Others might correct me here, but I would say that a true bench rest shooter gets real excited shooting very small groups, but would prefer to have them all favoring the center of the target. Don’t hole me to this, but understand that our scoring system is an excel spreadsheet that: if this happens, that will happen, or if this and that both happen, then this is better than that[several formulas involved] The intent of the Reese Bottom scoring system is to rank the shooters in each division by group size from small to large and by score from high to low and if two or more shooters tie for high score, the score with the smallest group will break the tie. After the program determines all of this, the overall winner for each division is determined.

      I will finish this with a confession, one of the fellows that got me interested in shooting long range really put a lot of emphasis on small groups. I will blame him for ruining me for life. One of the things that I really need to work on is centering my groups in the center of the target. We do shoot sight in shots to hopefully find the target center and I count down the final 15 seconds to allow a shooter to get in a last minute sighter. Many good shooters use that last second shot as their zero, hope the condition does not change, get them down there real fast, and keep their fingers crossed that the condition stayed the same and all of their shots formed a small group in the ‘X-10 ring’. Mine never do. The Reese Bottom scoring system is not weighted in any way that will allow a small group shot just on any edge of the target to win. The associated score would be so low that it would be next to impossible to overcome and be crowned overall winner. Sorry for the length, got carried away. How do others try to shoot bench rest? WWE

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      I think what I understand is that Benchrest is score and agg with agg carrying the weight over the score, but the F class is carried by just the score?
      Just my thinking the classes are good but wish there was an easier way to get new shooters out to shoot with us, I know they would have fun, I know I do

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      Wynne Echols

      Reference was made to maybe how sanctioned matches are scored. I am going to attach a page from the results of the 2016 World Open held each year just out of Williamsport, PA.{} I have shot this match on two occasions and have also shot the IBS 1000 Yard Nationals twice. I looked and cannot find the results from the IBS match held last fall in Swainsboro, GA., but the results are scored very similarly. Both clubs divide rifles into a light gun class[17# or less] and a heavy gun class[over 17#] IBS will usually host approx. 80 shooters and PA will host approx. 150 shooters. Some participants shoot light gun, some heavy gun, and many both. Lots of prizes for each class but the top prize is the 2 gun overall. Click the photo to enlarge. I had the honor of sharing a cleaning table with Mr. Jay Burger on both of my trips to PA. The far right number determines the overall winner. Mr. Burger finished with a 30. That is the sum total of his final position in light gun group, light gun score, heavy gun group, and heavy gun score. It is not uncommon for the 2 gun overall champ to actually not win any of the four different matches, but the champ is usually near the top in all four.

      As for new participants, everyone is looking for them. That was a big topic last fall in Swainsboro. Travel, time, expense, some want to shoot more, others don’t, etc. Anyone that can come up with a solution could become famous.

      One other comment. The most popular sanctioned long range matches are held at either 600 yards or 1000 yards which make it next near to impossible to see bullet holes. Mirage, flies, numbers and lines on target, and color all make it difficult to see hits[and 6mm size holes don’t help] Advantage 30 cal but not much. WWE

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Thanks for the replys! I have a better overall understanding of the scoring now.

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