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      Wynne Echols

      Thank goodness the October Bench Rest results are in the books. The winds of Reese Bottom threw a knuckleball as the results will show. The ‘home page’ has been updated, see the agg and score results on the ‘results’ page and see some random photos on the ‘photos’ page. We had fifteen good shooters show up today. A special thanks to Robert McMichael, the current IBS Long Range ‘Shooter of the Year’ for taking time out from his busy schedule to come and share a lot of information with the good shooters at Reese Bottom. Thanks also to Britt Jones of Backwater Custom Rifles for coming over and scoring and measuring all of the targets. Congrats to all of the winners, and there were many. I sure hope that many of you good shooters will mention something you experienced today. As for me, if you will check my group sizes, they are large. After a close look at my four targets, three of the four had four bullet in a group and the fifth bullet doubled the size of two groups and one tripled the size of a group. I will entertain any and all comments and suggestions. I would like to say that you are all a fun group of guys to share the sport of shooting with. Thanks, WWE

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      Looking at all the groups shot yesterday in really windy conditions I was amazed at how many 5 shot groups were right at or better than 1/2 Moa at 600 yards. Lots of good shooters at Reese Bottom I would say! I really enjoyed this match.

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      Al Barr

      All around great match! Glad to see Toby back in action. Enjoyed pulling targets with Brett Collins. And the camaraderie with all of the shooters.

      Mississippi is a real champ; “talks the talk” and “walks the walk”. I really enjoyed his presentation of his quest for shooter of the year and his humble, down to earth, manner of presenting it.

      Wynne, thanks for the grub, prizes and great match!

      I hope Britt’s Boss Lady didn’t ground him for being out after curfew.

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