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      Wynne Echols

      On October 18, 2014, Reese Bottom will host the final bench rest match of this year. November will be our last mid range prone match of the year. For the last match, plans are to do things a little different[4 @ 600 yards]. As mentioned in an earlier topic, I have always wanted to try to have a 600 yard match and try to make it as official as country boys can make it. So here we go. As always we will gather starting a 8 am on the 18th and hopefully be registered, flighted, and shooting by 9 am. One gun please, with entry fee of $10. One gun because we will be going to the line twice which basically doubles the time. We plan to classify the rifles in the same three divisions as always[.308 vs .223; open bi-pod; and mechanical] After the relays have been determined, here is the order of fire. Each relay will go to the bench, 10 minute sight in period at 10″ steel plates[approx. 10′ in front of and 5′ below record target so dope will change to target], 3 minute sight in at a sighter target on the target backer that pit crew will be spotting and pasting; then go immediately to 1st record target[official IBS 600 yard targets] if need be, back to sight in target for short period and then back to 2nd record target; clear table for next relay. On your second trip to tables the sight in period will be shorter. Shooters will have to work the pits some but it will be nothing like the f-class pit duty. All entry fees will be paid out to winners, targets 1-3 of each division will win a prize and target 4 will be ‘the Gunny pot'[see home page] If any of this confuses anyone, shoot me a personal message. See ya there, WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      All shots will be at 600 yards
      5 shots @ 4 targets @ 600 yards
      each shooter will go to the bench twice; two record targets per trip.
      unlimited timed fouler shots before each record target
      We are hoping the shooters will get very good dope[small groups & high scores]
      Anymore questions, shoot me a personal message. WWE

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      Sounds good! Will be there and hope to be able to shoot Gunny’s rifle as good as he always did!

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