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      Wynne Echols

      Well the results are in the books and Reese Bottom is hanging her head. All these good shooters tormented her yesterday. I have heard it said that rain will never mess up a good rifle shoot. I hope everyone got home alright because has soon as I got everything unpacked it started raining and has been raining since. Must have been good shooting conditions yesterday or you good shooters have learned some new secrets. Either way, congratulations to all the winners and especially Steve Gilley. See all of the results on the results page(click photo to enlarge) There are also some random photos from yesterday posted on the photos page. Another good shooter yesterday that I would like to mention is Buddy Webb and his 35 X’s. Buddy has shot with us for a while now and keeps getting better and better. As his dad builds more and more guns, Buddy gets better and better hand-me-downs. We also had several first time shooters yesterday, one had a badge and another claimed to be a ‘yankee’ and I even saw some non-shooters getting lessons. Thank you to all that came yesterday and please help us spread the good word about what we are doing at Reese Bottom. A special thanks to Britt Jones for sponsoring the prone events and to Dan Gunter for the new backer boards. ‘Yall come back now’ WWE

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      Doug Pugh

      Congrats Steve on shooting an excellent match. I only hope I can do that one day. I may have to pay you for some lessons to teach me how to shoot that good.

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      May have been a fluke or luck but I did make myself try some new things based on tips from books I’ve read and stories from successful shooters on different forums. One thing that I did not do this match was chase the spotter!

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      Wynne, yes we need to take notice to Buddy. He is really improving fast and has become a top contender at the last few matches! Congrats Buddy!

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