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      Wynne Echols

      Some of the locals are reporting that we have had as much as 7″ on rain over the last few days, and more predicted. I rode over to the bottom this afternoon and took a few photos. You may click on each photo to enlarge. The water got in the little house for the first time but thank goodness the pits were spared any apparent damage. I am attaching several photos. One shows the water line on the shooting tables and one shows the picnic table that washed about 100 yards down stream. The grass prone pad appears okay, the .22 target backer washed across the range and I have not found the smudge pots yet. When I rode up to check the pits, it appeared that the water had rushed across the range to about the 330 yard mark. Enjoy, WWE

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      We have had terrible rains over the last couple weeks also. Between the rains and hunting season my rifle practice has all but ceased! Kinda getting an itchy finger though. Plan on shooting the grand with The Pascagoula bunch last weekend of Jan. if weather permits. They shoot bench rest on 4th Sunday.

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