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      Wynne Echols

      A strange thing happened today at Reese Bottom. We had twenty one good shooters register for the May Mid Range Prone match and all but four shooters were able to finish all three relays before the rains came. I do not have any results to report because the good shooters grabbed their score sheets and ran for the exit. Several of us could not figure out if they were all going to take them home and frame them, or they were ashamed and did not want the results to go public. What say you? Anyway, Dan Gunter was smiling because he shot his .223 for a personal best 594 and Doug Pugh and his 6mmBR shot a clean and what he thought was a personal best mid 590’s. We had to declare a rain out and most left Reese Bottom soaking wet and probably smelly before they got home. June, July, and August will all be bench rest matches with the mid range prone returning in September. I will post more about the June match at a later date but we will plan to shoot 5 @ 200, 5 @ 300, 5 @ 400, and 5 @ 500. Got a few photos today. I hope everyone got home okay in the weather today. Enjoy, WWE [click to enlarge]

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      Thanks Mr. Wynne for the fun we had Saturday. The range looked really good and I know you put a lot of work into it getting ready for Saturdays match. The day started off real good for me but started down hill after that first relay, just maybe that rain washed the third relay away because the scores were so bad? But I had a good time anyway.

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      Yes, it was so much fun! I love prone matches because I get to work the pits! It’s my favorite part, well next to shooting of course. The long, cold, literally soaking wet ride home was a small price to pay for the fun! I actually had a personal best score of 569 Saturday and I believe Chase did well also. Thank you Mr. Wynne for allowing all of us to shoot and for everything you do!

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      Mr. Wynne I saw the picture of Kenneth and myself so just looking back in some of my old pic’s I was thinking I might add one of me when I wasn’t so old.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      I hate I didn’t get to shoot the last round. For a borrowed rifle I had never shot with a random powder/bullet combo I was shooting pretty well myself. I managed not to let any rounds slip into the 8 ring. The poor little 175 match king waS ONLY running 2490fps out of that rifle. But I guess that validates the fact that chasing velocity isn’t always the answer. I shot a 190 and a 191 with a decent number of X-ring hits. All in all it was a fun day! see you all soon

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