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      Richard Slaton

      I had a chance to shoot prone today. I do shoot prone in some of the other stuff I shoot but in that I cannot use an artificial rest, I don’t shoot past 200 meters and normally do use scopes. And the guns that I shoot are totally different set ups than what I shoot at Reese Bottom (What I shoot at Reese bottom are not legal under IHMSA rules).
      Ok now I was only shooting 300 yards. Which I know is only what we will shoot in Mid range but that’s all I got.
      I was also testing a new rear bag set up; What I had been using move to much with the recoil and normally was totally out of position for the next shot. The new bags (two different heights) are long and heavy. My plan was to only shoot 10 shots the 1st. five at a dot in a diamond to see how much my point of impact changed the 2nd. 5 at a 10” black circle with no center reference point because I have never looked at a midrange target at 600 with a scope so I’m not sure what detail I can see.
      This was with a cold bore cleaned barrel. The 1st. shot was little high but pretty much centered.
      The next 4 was a little low and a little right but nice group. The 5 shot group measured 2.17” (.72 MOA)
      4 of the 5 measured 1.19” (.39 MOA) Very happy camper! The next 5 shots at the 10” all black circle measured 1.88” (.62 MOA) both groups were vertical but I’m not going to over react that that right now.
      I fully understand this was just at 300 not 600 and was not in a match But I was encouraged with the results. The new bag set up also worked very well.
      This match will only be the 2nd time I’ve shot @ 600 (1st.time was 11 shots @ steel plate) and I know there is a big difference between shooting the 300 I shot today and the 500 I have shot a few time and 600. But I’m kinda thinking I can do this (not win just hit the target) I guess I will see if my bubble gets bust in two weeks.
      My goals for this match
      1. have fun (always #1)
      2. only shoot MY target
      3. all shots at least in the 9 ring
      Mr. Wynne I’m trying to get these folks to talk
      if the pictures load the diamond with dot is turn wrong so it’s hard to see the vertical on it

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, I am impressed with what you are able to accomplish with your pistol. You will be just fine at the mid range prone match although you might find out for yourself that 300 yards is not 600 yards. I am looking forward to seeing the results. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Thanks you Mr. Wynne
      I had a “Senile moment” and forgot to add in my post my main fear of shooting 600yrds. Two things I have very limited experience with Mirage and wind. With most of my shooting being done with open sight and shorter distances I’ve really never had to deal with Mirage and from I have read it can be a night mare.
      Wind- in my other shooting I normally shoot heavier bullets again at shorter distance wind is not a major deal I’m sure at 600 the wind can play havoc with my 6mm 107 grain bullets! I’m sure dealing with these is a learn from experience thing. I was hoping for some tip on dealing with these but I guess if you forget to ask the question the tips won’t come LOL
      Again thank you shooters of Reese bottom for bearing with me I’m a little short on knowledge and equipment when it comes to these two new to me shooting game. But I’m having fun

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, I am not one that needs to comment on wind and mirage as I am still scratching my head about the two. I have tried to read the available articles on the internet and then go to the range and see if I can detect what I thought I read. So far no luck so I have tried to dial the power on the scope down under the condition. That makes the target picture small but at least it will sit still. Maybe you will get lucky and it will be cloudy and calm and you will not have to deal with either. WWE

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