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      Wynne Echols

      Reminding all of you good shooters to check ‘World Open’ results next weekend at Might see a couple of familiar names, hopefully not too near the bottom. R McMichael from Hattisburg is the current IBS long range points leader and I understand that he is going. Looking forward to seeing Mr’s Burkart and Gardner. I have spent the last week trying to tune the dashers at 1000 yards. I will try to attach a couple of photos to this post. It seems that I was able to get most of the vertical out of both rifles but I am concerned about having to load 8 days in advance and traveling 1100 miles, and also shooting 10 shot groups. Anyway, maybe Alabama bullets will not be impressed by all of this and shoot a hole in the paper[probably not] but the fun will be in the trying. Have a safe 4th. WWE

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      If you shoot some groups like that you won’t be near the bottom! Good luck and have a safe trip.

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      Al Barr

      Mr. Wynne, you just get after them and let the devil take the hindmost!

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      Good luck and safe travels. I’ll have Joy Lee do some weed eating for you…

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