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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Steve’s question about the RFD bullets got me to thinking (scary). When long range shooting became very popular I guess Berger with their high B.C. pushed them toward the front. A coworker started shooting PRS matches about the same time I started pushing my pistols to the other limits.I remember all he talked about was Berger bullets but also remember he all most shot out his 1st. barrel trying to get the “jump/no jump” worked out and best I remember after the Hybrids came out this was not as big of a problem. I all so remember he was always “looking for bullets” about as hard to find as 6 br. Brass now LOL. That kinda scared me away from Berger and leaned me toward Sierra one because at the time I could find them 2nd. because they were reasonably priced and after shooting them they seem for my ability easily tuned. Now it seems that all bullet companies have their line of “long range high B.C. bullets”.
      My question is:
      1. Have the other companies caught up to Berger or are they still the king of the hill
      2. Am I missing the boat shooting the Sierra
      I’m just rambling because we still got 5 days before we shoot and their calling for rain

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      Wynne Echols

      Successful long range shooting requires that several different things all come together to produce small groups and high scores. Confidence in your stuff is one of the important parts of the equation. Richard, your question is about bullets. The same could be asked of barrels, triggers, stocks, rests, brass, primers or scopes. Most good shooters have confidence in the choices they make. You only mention Berger and Sierra but there are many others. I would say in the last few years even custom bullets have become more available. As I see it, which ever bullet that you find to be more consistent in things like weight, oal, or base to ogive would be usable. I like the way Sierra is now pointing their bullets. Looks good, does it help, not sure. I’m not one to promote one product against another, they are all competitive, but I would suggest that you take Surrell’s suggestion from another topic and weigh and measure the bullets that you choose. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Very good points Mr. Wynne
      And yours and Surrell’s point on weighing and measuring bullets is well taken. When I shoot cast bullets I all ways sort/cull by weight and dimensions so looks like I maybe I need to do the same with jacket bullets. Right now I’m fully confident in the Sierra’s not to say I’m not going to experiment with others

      I’ve always considered the mental part (which includes confidence) of this or any other game one of the most important. I’m starting to feel more confident in my shooting these longer distances. Not that I can win but that I can sometimes finish in the middle of the pack (that would be a win for me)
      I’ve all ways blamed me 1st. and equipment last for one bad day at the range or one bad match, 3 bad range/match days in a row something going to change lol.
      Speaking of triggers if anyone of you shot or dry fire one of my strikers you would absolutely hate the trigger but I absolutely love it I’ve adjusted it so it acts like a two stage and breaks at just over 2#. I have two Anschutz 22lr pistols set up the same way but break @ around 1#. I like to “feel my trigger” I think it make me work harder on trigger control. I wish I could do the same on my xp 100’s and Contenders

      Saturday (if the rain holds off) will be another learning day for me and I’m really looking forward to it
      My 1st. time shooting paper @ 600 and my 1st. time shooting prone at 600, my 1st. F class match

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      Check out JLK bullets, very competitive in price, smaller company, I have sorted but they are very close, these are VLD BULLETS, I have never had much luck with Sierra, seemed either the JLK or Bergers always edged them in performance, or my barrels liked them more. As far as pointing them, no definite yea or nea with me on that, some are better some are not, I tip any myself to try, that way I am not sold out to an already tipped bullet. Like all other parts of shooting you can burn a barrel out testing. Just my 2 cents tho.

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      Richard Slaton

      Thanks Brent for your input I may just try some of the JLK bullets. I realize there are a lot of variables and options as well as opinions. The gun that I shot at Reese bottom is a somewhat new set up. I put together last fall (switched the 6.5 x284 barrel for the 6 BrX) the barrel’s round count is 385 100 of which was fire forming. I’ve shot it in two matches one with Surrall on steel and the other BR match at Reese bottom After making some changes with it I’m just now started to get it “fitted to me”. Normally with a new set up I tried to find adequate load, fit the gun to me and learn to shoot it. After I feel I have peaked out with these variables then I can move on to fine tuning the load one variable at a time be it powder, bullets, primers or whatever. Never figured you could fine tune the gun until you fine tune you kinda like someone trying to zero a scope at 100 when they can’t group better that 6”wasting ammo and like you said burning out a barrel.
      Thanks for your $0.02 look forward to talking to you Sat.

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