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      Steve Gilley

      As most know Wynne ask me about hosting the Oct. match because of his surgery. I hope to create a fun and challenging day of shooting steel at various distances. The date will have to be Sat. 10th instead of the 17th. I want to limit it to 24 shooters due to it being the first time I’ve tried this. The format will be.. #1 check your zero (required) at 08:30. There will be 4 stations to fire from and you will fire 10 rounds at various targets (the distances to each target will be posted soon). Scoring will be a “hit or Miss”. Must hit first target before moving on to next and there will be a time limit. It will go pretty fast and should be done by noon. Ask any questions here and let me know if you plan to come. It will be something different for most but should be really fun. My # is 251-589-0823 if anyone wants to talk!

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      I plan on being there with my M40A5 308, that’s if work does not get in my way. It sounds like it’ll be a fun shoot.

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      Kenneth Thomas

      Hey Steve count me in with my 308

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      scott parten

      Steve I plan to be there.
      I will be shooting a 6.5×47

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      mike boykin

      308 thanks Steve.

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      Phillip Boykin

      I plan to be there. Shooting my. 308

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      Richard Slaton

      Steve I plan to be there but can’t fully commit this far in advance

Viewing 6 reply threads
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