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      Wynne Echols

      On Saturday October 21, 2017 Reese Bottom will host a 600 Yard Bench Rest Match. The order of fire will include two trips to the bench to shoot a total of 4 official IBS targets, all at 600 yards. 20 shots for record plus foulers. As in years past, we will have 10″ plates in front of the berm. After a period of foulers, we will have unlimited sighters on a spotted sighter target and then go straight to the record target. Please try to arrive by 8 am so that we can be shooting by 9 am. $15 entry fee with $10 paid to the different winners. We will have small prizes for the small group on each of the first three targets and we will let the fourth target determine the winner of the “Gunny Pot” for those entered. This format will require a small amount of pit duty but as in the past the time in the pits will be nothing like a prone match. Three or four of you good shooters need to bring your stool.

      Just a reminder that this match will be the last bench rest match of the year. We end the year in November with a mid range prone match. If some of you will offer to help, I will get some catfish to fry after the match. Hope to see many of you good shooters on the 21st. WWE

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      I’ll be there and bring the radio’s that’s if we will need them.

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