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      Wynne Echols

      Thanks to all of you good shooters that came to the match yesterday and a special thanks to all of you that were so willing to help. The results are up on the results page. I have a photo gallery that I cannot get to upload tonight. I will try again tomorrow if any of you would like to see your smiling face. Congrats to the winners. We had a fun day of shooting all at 600 yards and I think the yardage won. When I got home and looked at my targets I noticed that I had 4 very nice 4 shot targets. I had a bullet on each target that did not claim kin to the other 4. Oh well, that’s shooting. Great to see Steve Gilley out yesterday after his accident. When I mentioned how well he looked, he reminded me that all the stitches were on the inside. A little bird also sent me word that Al Barr had a little set back but is recovering nicely. Mr. Al, take care of yourself and we hope that you are out and about real soon. Please stay in touch, I see where you logged on recently. Reese Bottom will host a mid range prone match the third Saturday in November and that will rap up the shooting for this year. More info at a later date. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      Finally got the pictures to upload. See them on the photo page. WWE

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      Steve Gilley

      I looked at your groups Wynne and with the “one bullet out” you still had some good groups under the switching conditions.! You were in the pits a long time and couldn’t see the flags changing directions like crazy!

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      The wind will get you every time, well it gets me all the time.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, you are right about the wind. It creates situations that most of us deal with poorly. I guess the fun is in the trying to get better. I do think that the way we divide the rifles at Reese Bottom is a fair way of doing things but one would have to admit that shooting over a bi pod and a mechanical front rest is much different. In most cases the mechanical rest should be more stable and allow for quicker shooting which might or might not lead to smaller groups. Someone please tell me that I am crazy for putting more value on group size than high scores. I will admit that there is an art to centering up on the target, esp. at longer distances. We all like small groups and high scores. That is our challenge. Everyone knows that at Reese Bottom we shoot both bench rest and mid range prone matches. I would love to hear from many of you good shooters on wither or not you change your approach to the two different types of matches or do you shoot them the same?

      Looking through the photos, I noticed all the smiling faces. I would like to thank all of you good shooters for your emphasis on safety, your pleasant attitude, and your willingness to help with the matches. I know that Steve ran the match and I know that Doug and Jeff scored the targets and I know Surrell brought the radios and I know that Cade’s mom and dad fried the fish, but I really want to thank Eric, Bud, Johnny, and Richard for agreeing to stay in the pits with me for a lot longer period than they bargained for. Thanks guys. WWE

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      With all the things going on with the shooter from the bench or prone we have to remember to put the scope on the right magnification for the yardage we are shooting. I have to go back and double check all on both the rifle and scope and check the bipod. Is every thing tight on the bipod? Then I look at the wind and then try to adjust the scope to deal with the changes, once it changes if I catch it do I adjust or just hold over. I just started a few matches ago shooting with my reading glasses on to see my target dot in my scope better and to see the screen at Bar3, with the glasses on I can’t see the wind flags like I should so that cost me some points when the winds changes. With the all that’s going on with all the changes in the wind and trying to shoot small and shoot all X’s I have a hard time trying to put it all together and be the number one shooter. I come to shoot better than the other shooter at each match and if I shoot bad I try to remember what I done wrong and then try to do better at the next match. I think we all forget that one little thing at one time or another called the wind and it will cost the shooter at the start or at the end some points.

      Mr. Wynne I also think a small group is better than points it takes a better shooter to print small groups than a shooter scoring points with a larger group. But when a shooter puts small groups in the 10 and X ring that shooter, like Mr. Richard Allen is almost impossible to beat. So what do we do? We should shoot small in the 10 and X ring if we plan on getting our name called at the end of the match for being the number 1 shooter in our class.

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