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      Richard Slaton

      Oct. 19 F class match report

      Goals for this match:
      Have fun: check! That’s easy at Reece Bottom
      Shoot a clean rely: 199 close but no cigar
      Shoot in the 590’s : check 594
      Try something new: I tried a couple of things this match
      1st. aiming point: I always felt the more defined aiming point I have the better I shot.
      For the past year I’ve been using a modified “6 o’clock hold” with offsetting scope dope. But for the different targets, conditions and my .25 MOA scope I was never happy and was confusing myself LOL. Sat. I decided to go back to point of aim. Normally for the E targets I shoot 11.5 for the modified 6 o’clock hold Sat. I dropped to 11.25 and held best I could dead center 1st. 3 sighters best I remember were 10’s (well look at you LOL). Using this I was able to slightly adjust my aiming point for the conditions and post my best F Class score ever 594. Now if all this rambling confesses you that was my intent.
      2nd. How I address the gun: over the years I have lined the gun more in line with my shooting shoulder and I eye during the Aug. F class match I decided to more center my body and rest my shooting elbow on a elevated bag I think right now this is working “more better” I’m going to try it in the next BR match.
      The match:
      This was my 4th F class match and was a good day for me!
      The weather blessed us and people like me were able to enjoy all the hard work Mr. Wynne and others have done to make this a fun and relaxing place to shoot.
      Relay 1: when I went to the line the wind seemed to be blowing right to left so I added 1 click right windage. as I stated above I was trying a few new things and as stated my 3 sighters were all 10’s which was a confidence builder followed by the 1st. 7 shots of 4 tens and 3 X’s shot 8 was a NINE which I knew when the shot broke that was all on me finished that 10 shot string with another 10 and X for a 99
      Second string 1st. three all X’s then 10,X,10,10 and again on the 8 th. Shot NINE didn’t see this one coming so not sure what happen another 10 shot string of 99 for a 198 on the 1st. relay and I feeling good.
      Relay #2 3 sighters 10 and two X’s feeling real good 1st. two shots of the string 10,10 then a NINE?? Finish that string with 10’s and X’s 99. Next string of relay: 4 tens and 6 X’s for a 199 with 9X! I’m getting a little excited!
      Well after a Fat boy lunch it’s time for the final relay but things did not go as hoped 1st. two sighters were NINE’s bubble buster! After a talk with myself next 3 were 2 10’s and a X. The 1st. 10 shot string was a roller coaster 1st. 4 shots 3 ten’s and an X followed by double nine’s 3 more ten’s and a third nine Bubble is deflating. For a 1st. Ten shot 97. Time for another talk to self I came here hoping to bust 590
      With ten shots left I’m still in the hunt so suck it up butter cup and finish strong.
      Bam 10,X,10,10,X10,X,10,10,X for a 197 for the relay and a 594 22 X’s for the match! Not only was this a new high score for me but a big improvement on my X count
      Placing 3rd. in Open like I said I had a very good day. I’m still a work in progress but with the help of the good shooters at Reese Bottom I’m slowly getting we’re I can somewhat run with the big dogs

      Interesting data
      This Fclass match my avg. at target Velocity was 25 FPS faster than August match and my SD was 9 FPS lower
      My phone app says I should be running 1833 fps @ 600 Shot marker said I avg. 1866
      Looking forward to the next match @ the Bottom’s

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      Kenneth Thomas

      Thanks Mr. Wynne, I believe concentration is the name of the game, paying more attention to detail will get you higher scores, look at mine, last relay.

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        Wynne Echols

        Looks like you got back in okay. I think you learned that the first bullet in a relay counts also. Good shooting. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      Congrats on the good shooting and thanks for the report each month. Sure wish more of our good shooters would follow suit. Hey, I always thought one had to have a long barrel. lol. Be sure and tell the Mrs. that we all enjoyed the cobbler. WWE

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      brett collins

      KENNETH is spot on about concentration.
      and I would add having a game plan and patients. I lost focus on my patience and got in a rush and it cost me.
      that’s why i love shooting f-class so much. because you are always thinking about what you are doing. and now i’m pondering on what I didn’t do.
      I need to remember what Mr.WYNNE always says (take your time and shoot well)

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