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      scott parten

      I haven’t seen anyone review the match yet so here we go…

      a) Be safe – This is a have to, not a want to
      b) Don’t forget any equipment – You’ll be ‘that guy’ forever….
      c) Have a plan – Be open to change if needed to meet conditions

      Life and responsibility has gotten in my way for the last couple of months so I was really looking forward to Saturday.
      The weather was awesome and you could not have asked for a better group of people. No load data changes for the 6BR but I think I need to work on brass prep. I sized everything to bump what I thought was plenty but may need to go a little more, I didn’t like the bolt lift after each shot. Groups were good, but could have been better. No misfires from the BR since the last time I shot it, thanks for everyone’s comments, I replaced the firing pin spring.
      Backed off on the .308 load looking for a lower node, it shot ok but should be much better. Will continue to work on it as well. Shooting the 200 sierras now but have some 185 jugs that really showed promise. I haven’t shot enough to bring them to compete.
      I enjoyed the move back to old school paper targets, little more tedious but worth it to me once a year or so.
      Food was off the chart, not sure if I’ve had peach cobbler as good ever, I probably need to try that again soon to be sure.
      I’m concerned about components but have enough to shoot like we do for at least another year.
      Thoughts on next year
      I also had never shot 1,000 before I did the first time. I had pretty good data to 600 and a really good coach spotting for me after one of the matches last year. It was a team effort and when I left I knew that I could get there with my equipment. I support the idea that before you shoot the electronic targets at 1,000 you should prove the capability of your equipment on the plates. Easy enough to do and I certainly don’t want to be ‘that guy’ forever either having to buy a broken electronic target


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