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      Wynne Echols

      Please check out the new video up on the ‘Home’ page. With the right bore cleaning solution, I think the method could be made to work. I soaked the rifle that I shot at Reese Bottom last weekend all day today with T & L. Did not notice any chunks of anything but the solution was a light turquoise which led me to believe that it removed some copper. Maybe it dissolves the carbon where you do not notice it. I did run several patches through both rifles after the soaking and honestly, nothing much else came out of the bore. What one product would you good shooters recommend for this project?

      Thanks guys for the efforts on the forum this week. Please keep it up. We have heard from New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Alabama. As you can see from the new video, this stuff does not have to have prior approval and it is definitely not rocket science.

      Anyone that has an idea, picture of video that they need help getting posted, I am willing to help. WWE

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      You and I talked about soaking a barrel but I have still not tried it. Maybe this week things will slow down around here and I can give it a try. Good video.

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