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      Wynne Echols

      While just going over the results from this past Saturday at Reese Bottom, it caught my attention that we had six first time visitors and three said that this was actually their first match to shoot ever. Thanks for coming, please come back, and help pass the word about Reese Bottom. I hope that your experience was what you were expecting. My wish is that new comers feel welcome, comfortable, not rushed, and safe. You all are to be commended for how well you shot. Thanks again for coming to Reese Bottom, WWE

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      bryant hollinger

      I was one of the first time shooters Saturday and I must say that everyone was very nice and accommodating. I had a great time and I am looking forward to coming back.

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      I am new to this long range shooting sport and I’m learning. I have shot on ranges before but notlong range rifle shooting, and I’m learning a lot about reloading which I have done a lot of but just for hunting and for pistol practicing. Until just a few weeks ago I have always thought about neck tension as being the cause of a headache. Like I said I’m learning this sport as there is a lot of steps before you even get to the range. Then you get to the range and your scope fogs up at the bench when you first sit down, another lesson learned. Don’t drive over after you gun has been in the cold house in a case with the lense caps on. Take it out of the case when you first get there like I seen every one else do but me! But I’m hooked, will be back, it’s about having fun while you learn and enjoy the good fellowship of the same kind of people as I.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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