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      Wynne Echols

      I would like to begin by saying what a wonderful time I had yesterday going on a road trip with Dan and Addison Gunter. We went shooting and on the way home Addison says “I like Reese Bottom”. I think that tells about the results but we all vowed to regroup and go again. Those Gunter boy know how to do some shopping when they get out of town.

      Now hear this. Everyone loves success and loves the feeling of being successful, but not many of us want to discuss our missteps. My shooting has had a couple of hiccups lately and after finding solutions to the problems, I would like to share my findings in hopes that you other good shooters might not make the same mistakes. I also hope that other good shooters will share their findings.

      Several months ago, I went to a couple of shoots where I could not get my rounds to chamber. With a tight neck chamber in these bench guns, there is not much clearance between the loaded round and the chamber wall. I accused a sizing die, I blamed stainless steel media but finally determined that soon after annealing the brass while it was still very soft, I used a Case Prep station to chamfer the necks and was putting way too much pressure on the mouth of the cases and they were swelling on the ends. More is not always better.

      More recently, at the last few matches, I have not been able to get any two bullets to go in the same direction. I would practice at Reese Bottom and shoot well and go to a match and ‘Oh No’. After throwing bullets all over Jefferson County yesterday, I came home and loaded 3 groups of 5 and went straight to Reese Bottom and proved that the rifle will shoot and shoot very well. So what was the problem? I had convinced myself that I could produce a better bullet than a major bullet maker and so I got into the bullet trimming and pointing business. I have had some success with this and it will work but the reloader must know how to properly work the process. I was practicing and shooting very well with bullets right out of the box and then to get ready for a match, I would trim and point the bullets and I was putting so much pressure on the bullet that it’s personality was changing and no two would go in the same direction. My suggestion is that if you decide to trim and point bullets, learn all that you can about the process. The problem with these trimmed and pointed bullets was not visible to the naked eye but the bullets would not shoot a lick.

      One other problem that I have experienced and I would suggest that from time to time, check the tension of all of the screws on your rifle and scope.

      Sorry for the length, anyone dare to share. Thanks for reading, WWE

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      Wynne, remember…what happens outside of Linden, stays outside of Linden. My wife doesn’t need to know everything, even though she thinks she does….lol

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