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      Wynne Echols

      Is there anyone out there doing any shooting? Been about a month for me. I have read about several new products for this year. Lapua is said to be coming with a dasher brass and I read where Sierra is coming with some pointed bullets. Anybody tried these? Who got something new and exciting for Christmas? I have spent some time getting my dasher and .223 brass prepped and ready to go. That is about all for me. WWE

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      Doug Pugh

      I’ve done a little load testing on my bench gun over the winter and I’m going to try the new load at the first match of the year. At this point I’m just hoping to stay competitive with all the good shooters that are showing up at Reese bottom. If this load works out for the bench gun I’m going to try to transfer it over to my bipod gun and give all those prone shooters a run for their money.

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      Have not shot any since October and I am getting a real itchy trigger finger! Have been prepping and cleaning all my brass and doing what I could with one hand. With all the stiff competition at Reese Bottom I really need to get on my gun soon!

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      Thomas L. Webb

      Been trying to work up my 6.5 load taking my time. My mother fell Christmas as we picking her up for lunch.
      Not going well. Too cold to shoot this week. Y’all please give your 6.5 loads.

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        Thomas, I am working, or about to start back on working, up a 6.5 load. With my prelim testing, I shot best at 41.1 gr. H4350 and a light jam. I will keep you posted as I improve on that.

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      I’ve been in the process of switching from F-Open to F/TR. I’ve done relatively well in F/TR using my almost stock Savage F/TR model. Anytime I get a new Savage target action gun I usually drop it by my smith to have the bolt face trued and the stock bedded. I tried it for awhile and the stock barrel wasn’t shooting to well. Since it wasn’t shooting anyway I decided to try something I’d heard about but had only tried in rimfire. I bought David Tubb’s kit of 50 progressively finer grit firelapping bullets. I followed the directions EXPLICITLY and firelapped the barrel. Well, huh! It went from a 3 inch group at 200 yards to winning or placing in matches (First match after firelapping was 593) – albeit with a very low X-count. It would however stay in the 10 ring at 600 if I did my part. I have since had a new Brux 13 twist installed (I shoot 155.5 Fullbore Bergers) and I really didn’t know .308s would shoot that well. Anyway the post was really about the Tubb’s bullets. They aren’t exactly new, but they were new to me and you can bet I still got that firelapped stock savage barrel. It did not go on the burn pile.

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      Mike Reekie

      I have not fired a shot from a rifle since our last competition at Reese Bottom; but I have loaded some very precise 6BR loads with brand new Lapua brass, Remington Bench Rest SR primers, Varget powder and Berger 105 VLD bullets. They look real pretty! I hope they shoot as well as they look. I have been doing a lot of pistol shooting in Meridian, MS; some indoors and some outdoors, and the results have been very good. Several 100/100 targets with lots of x s. Maybe the sight alignment and trigger control will carry over to my rifle shooting. See you all there soon.

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