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      Wynne Echols

      Mr. Tom Little suggested that he be called Tom and Mr. Wynne being one of the younger shooters at Reese Bottom and therefore not old enough to be Mr., the board has met and deemed that from this point forward, every shooter at Reese Bottom and every forum member will be addressed on a first name basis. Slip-ups will be tolerated. WWE

      It is my weekend to manage the store and as you can see, I will do anything to keep from working.

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      brett collins

      SIR YES SIR!

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      Aye,Aye Capt’n ( no sirs or misters in that ). I would like to put a proposal to the Board ( who is the Board anyway? ) that anyone over 70 years,0 months, and 14 days old be referred to as Sir, Mr. or your royal highness ( HRH for short). Anyone between 40 and 70 years,0 months, and 14 days be referred to as capt’n, skipper, Top, boss, or chief. Those under 40 should not be part of such an august subject and should just keep on reloading while the board decides this proposal.

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      I am very sorry, Gunny. How could I have forgotten Gunny, the best rank in the Corps. Definitely need to add Gunny to the “what should I be called ” list.

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      Al Barr

      Just don’t call me late for chow!

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      Jeff Fish

      I like Al’s thinking!

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